Monday, April 22, 2019

Bandway / Enemy Waves at Kings - 1/5/2019

With Enemy Waves

I can blame it on the winter or maybe even my rapidly advancing age, but the end result is I’ve barely gone to any shows these past few months.  One thing I never, ever miss though – Bandway.  They’ve only played 3-4 times over the past decade, what with the duo busy being psychiatrists and cabinet makers and such, so it’s always a goddamn joyous occasion when they take the stage for a night of sing-alongs and drunken revelry.  Anyone showing up to a Bandway show in 2019 is almost always already as big a fan as I am, and likely just as old - I’m sure a number of babysitters got paid this evening.  Their set sampled their entire career, but possibly the most noteworthy item is they actually had a new song called “Sprinkles” that included lines such as “I love my pussy with wrinkles” and “my hang down has the drippies.”  Brooks commented after that they actually have a new record coming out…as soon as they write the rest of the songs for the album.  The sing-along highlights of the night were two obvious ones – “King Kong” and “Four Day Weekend” – wherein the crowd was possibly even louder than the band.  Shockingly not included was “Balls Out,” a minor grievance on an otherwise stellar night.  I’m super excited to see them again in two or three more years, and to hear that new album in 2030.

Finding an opener for Bandway is no easy task – few can measure up to their particular brand of nonsense.  Given that, Kings honcho Paul Siler just threw himself on the bill with one of his bands Enemy Waves, because why not.  I hadn’t seen them in a while, but I really liked the direction of their new tunes – particularly the last one of the first part of their set, which had this strong Mdou Moctar/Tuareg-style guitar line all the way through it that had me mesmerized.  After that, just for shits and giggles apparently, the entire band put on fake beards and then proceeded to play three ZZ Top songs – including the two chart toppers “Sharp Dressed Man” and “Gimme All Your Lovin’.”  Something you rarely see addressed with your more prominent ZZ Top cover bands: how do you play guitar solos when your fake beard is draped all over the neck and strings?  It’s a real conundrum in this day and age, one hopefully the nation’s leading scientists can tackle in the coming decades.

It should also be noted, for reasons unclear to everyone (including the people involved): between the two bands local man-about-town Trent Bowles took the stage, dressed in a Super Dave-type outfit, and proceeded to ride an electric scooter (stolen off the street) off of a terrible make-shift ramp directly into the far wall.  The result was as expected – he collapsed into the ground, cursed a lot, and then freaked out and start throwing things all over the stage (the ramp went through the drywall more than once).  Like most pranks of this ilk it was 2/3rds funny and 1/3rd went on for too long.