Friday, September 7, 2018

Oneida / Nest Egg / Demon Eye at Kings - 8/3/2018

With Nest Egg and Demon Eye

Despite a general aversion to three bands in one night these days, I made a point to get to Kings in time to catch some of Demon Eye.  I’m at a total loss as to why they were on a bill with a couple of kraut-esque indie bands, but if bookers want to start throwing metal and indie rock together in one show that’s fine by me.  Demon Eye are particularly special in my book, because almost no one is playing this type of metal anymore – the early eighties/New Wave of British Heavy Metal kind.  Heavy but not sludgy or stony or speedy, plenty of flair and shredding but not so much it distracts, and most importantly (to me), no Cookie Monster vocals - think Iron Maiden, Accept, early Wasp, etc.  You could probably throw an AC/DC comparison in there too.  Also, they seem like they’re having a damn good time – metal is way too serious, and these guys seem to know it.

Nest Egg might be pseudo-local (in this case, Asheville), but this was my first time actually seeing them live.  They play down here a few times a year, and folks I trust raved about them after the last Hopscotch, but it took my listening to their most recent record “Nothingness Is Not A Curse” to finally get motivated enough to see them live.  Well, that and getting paired with Oneida, who I almost never miss – but I was genuinely looking forward to Nest Egg.  They do the whole krautrock-psyche-repetitive thing, and even if they weren’t playing with Oneida I might compare the two of them…Moon Duo/Wooden Shjips fans would also probably dig what they’re laying down.  Live, there was an extra layer of something there you don’t hear on the album…darkness, menacing, I dunno.  I’m sure them turning out the lights and running their own strobes helped that vibe.  For some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about Suicide (the band, not the action), and I suppose that might be a reasonable act to throw into the comparison blender.  Worth noting: they’re only a four-piece, but they have two drummers!  I’ve seen two drummers a fair number of times, but the bands are always larger.  And the guitarist plays a tiny 12-string guitar the entire time, which might have be even stranger!  These facts are neither here nor there, I just found them odd/interesting.  Much like Nest Egg themselves.   

Like an amoeba, Oneida seems to take a different shape every time I see them.  Tonight they were a four piece, with drums, guitar, and a double dose of synths/keys.  Well, if we’re being honest a quadruple dose since both dudes were playing two key-based instruments each, plus scads of other electronics.  They took the stage, made some jokes, and then launched into a brain-burning “Sheets Of Easter” that went on for damn near 20 minutes.  It was pummeling, mesmerizing, and glorious.  That was definitely the highlight, but the set continued in the same fashion – jokes then rock until they closed out their night with a cover of the Flipper song “Way Of The World.”  As always they combined the repetitive/hypnotic vibe of krautrock with heavy psyche and noise rock – it was, as always, completely engrossing.  I’m already excited for the next time they come back to town. 

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