Friday, September 7, 2018

Bat Fangs at Kings - 6/29/2018

Bat Fangs

At this point all Bat Fangs shows are sorta the same – they play pretty much all of their excellent self-titled record, maybe a new song or two they’re trying to work out, and close with the glam pop masterpiece that is Poison’s “Talk Dirty To Me.”  Despite this, I make every attempt to see them anytime they come through town, because good power pop (or at least occasional power pop) is in short supplies these days, and these gals are goddamn excellent at it.  Betsy was killing it as always in a carnival-style airbrushed Bat Fangs shirt that I wish I had a replica of in my size.  It might be worth the price of admission alone just stare at her gleaming white Gibson SG, never mind how well she shreds it - goddamn that’s a good looking guitar, and I’m not someone that usually even cares about such nonsense.  Laura was a monster behind the kit as always.  If you ever hear one of those misogynistic jack legs talking about girls being subpar drummers, first tell them to go fuck themselves, and then point them to literally anything Laura has ever drummed on…and then maybe tell them to go fuck themselves one more time just in case the original message . Hopefully Bat Fangs come back again soon.  Even if it’s the exact same performance yet again, I’ll still buy a ticket and be there, front and center.  Never look a gift horse in the mouth, especially if that horse writes super catchy songs.

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