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The Rock*A*Teens / Spider Bags at Kings - 9/21/2018

The Rock*A*Teens
With Spider Bags

I was truly shocked at the low turnout at this show…Hopscotch hangover maybe?  Both bands just released excellent new albums on local label Merge, and based on the many times I’ve seen each in the past, both are well liked.  Hell, I’ve seen both of these acts so many times (particularly Spider Bags) that I didn’t even bother to bring my camera, I’ve already got so many photos of each.

Spider Bags were performing as a three piece without that extra guitarist who doesn’t appear to really be in the band but plays with them sometimes.  They knocked out all of their hits – “Keys To The City,” “Que Viva Elrocanrol,” etc. – plus a ton of tracks from their latest “Someday Everything Will Be Fine.”  Most notably, “Oxcart Blues” from the new one is now a part of their “hits” in my book, moving forward, as decreed by me.  That track burns.

The Rock*A*Teens followed more or less the same formula as Spider Bags – plenty (if not nearly all) of their lat…

PHOTOS: Hopscotch 2018, Day Three in downtown Raleigh - 9/8/2018

MC50, City Plaza

Karaoke, Slims

The Hot At Nights, The Pour House

Yonatan Gat, The Pour House

Hopscotch 2018, Day Three in downtown Raleigh - 9/8/2018

Hopscotch Music Festival, Day Three
Downtown Raleigh

We've hit the home stretch - the final night of Hopscotch.  I kicked my evening off with MC50, which was a supergroup comprised of the only suriving member of MC5, Wayne Kramer, and a rotating cast of well-known musicians assisting him.  On this night he had Brendan Canty (Fugazi) on drums, Kim Thayil (Soundgarden) on guitar, Billy Gould (Faith No More) on bass, and Rob Tyner doppelganger Marcus Durant (Zen Guerrilla) doing most of the vocals.  They performed the classic MC5 album "Kick Out The Jams" in it's entirety (plus maybe more in the encore that I missed).  Like the Revolution the night before, did it feel like I was watching a cover band?  It did, as I honestly expected it to.  Was it still goddamn enjoyable?  It sure was.  Clearly, the musicianship was off the charts with this group, and how can you not be happy hearing "Kick Out The Jams" played live?

After a while I moved up to Slims to s…

PHOTOS: Hopscotch 2018, Day Three (Day Parties) in downtown Raleigh - 9/8/2018

Joyero, Kings

Eric Bachmann, Kings

Speed Stick, Kings