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PHOTOS: Oneida / Nest Egg / Demon Eye at Kings - 8/3/2018


Nest Egg

Demon Eye

Oneida / Nest Egg / Demon Eye at Kings - 8/3/2018

With Nest Egg and Demon Eye

Despite a general aversion to three bands in one night these days, I made a point to get to Kings in time to catch some of Demon Eye.  I’m at a total loss as to why they were on a bill with a couple of kraut-esque indie bands, but if bookers want to start throwing metal and indie rock together in one show that’s fine by me.  Demon Eye are particularly special in my book, because almost no one is playing this type of metal anymore – the early eighties/New Wave of British Heavy Metal kind.  Heavy but not sludgy or stony or speedy, plenty of flair and shredding but not so much it distracts, and most importantly (to me), no Cookie Monster vocals - think Iron Maiden, Accept, early Wasp, etc.  You could probably throw an AC/DC comparison in there too.  Also, they seem like they’re having a damn good time – metal is way too serious, and these guys seem to know it.

Nest Egg might be pseudo-local (in this case, Asheville), but this was my first tim…

PHOTOS: Spider Bags / Drag Sounds at the Cat’s Cradle Back Room - 8/2/2018

Spider Bags

Drag Sounds

Spider Bags / Drag Sounds at the Cat’s Cradle Back Room - 8/2/2018

Spider Bags
With Drag Sounds
Cat’s Cradle Back Room

It’s only been four years since the last Spider Bags record “Frozen Letter,” but it feels like an eternity.  That has been coupled with them also not been playing live as often the past couple of years, which certainly amplified my feelings of abandonment – there for a while it felt like I saw them at least once every month or two…a good problem to have!  Thankfully, they’ve birthed into the world a great new album called “Someday Everything Will Be Fine,” and this evening was the release party to celebrate it’s existence.  For most bands that would mean focusing their set heavily on the new release, but Spider Bags have never been one for convention and instead made the bulk of their set old material with a few new ones sprinkled in – and I don’t mean old as in the last record, I’m talking very early material, some of which they hadn’t played live in ages or never at all.  They played for nearly an hour and a half, and the crow…

Father John Misty / Jenny Lewis at the North Carolina Museum of Art - 8/1/2018

Father John Misty
With Jenny Lewis
North Carolina Museum of Art

For the second month in a row, I got free tickets to a show I was interested in but for which I was never going to actually shell out the money.  Let’s hear it for freeloading!

Not one to pass up freebies, my man Brian drove up from Wilmington to join me in the festivities.  We were both on the same page – opener Jenny Lewis was what really mattered here.  After rushing through dinner we got to the museum just as she started her set, crisis averted.  It had been ages since I last saw her perform, but I was certain it would be a great show.  Even with these fairly high expectations, she far surpassed them – that was easily one of the best performances I’ve seen this year (if not longer).  Every song she played felt like a hit…if the year was 1981 and country-tinged soft rock was still dominating the airwaves.  Lewis is basically a modern version of Linda Ronstadt and Juice Newton, and if you think that is anything but …