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Feather at the Tiki Bar - 7/15/2018

Tiki Bar

Due to some bad weather and good fortune, I managed to catch the band Feather while vacationing on the North Carolina coast.  It was quite possibly the most perfect setting for seeing a group like this - at the end of a pier, about an hour before sunset, the weather was great, and there were leathery beach people as far as the eye could see (and let it be known that Carolina Beach probably has the best collection of “human handbags” in the state).  The only place better would be inside of Leland Sklar’s cocaine-drenched mustache, but that’s less an actual location and more a state of mind.  One might ask: why is this prestigious, award-winning website writing up a cover band?  I suppose the biggest reason is one of my best friends (Brian Weeks of Summer Set, De La Noche, and touring guitarist for the Rosebuds and Howard Ivans) is the lead guitarist.  Another would be because I love soft rock, and these guys are a damn good time with a nice set list of classic j…

Arcade Fire / Hamilton Leithauser at the Red Hat Amphitheater - 7/12/2018

Arcade Fire
With Hamilton Leithauser
Red Hat Amphitheater

It’s honestly been a long time since I paid much attention to Arcade Fire, and hadn’t even considered going to this show until a free ticket fell in my lap.  The tickets came via the age-old scenario we’ve all been through multiple times – the lead singer of a popular band, through a never-ending list of intermediaries, contacts your basketball group and wants to play pick-up.  Afterward, he gives the group a bunch of tickets to their show the next day.  You then attend the show with a bunch of those basketball friends, and some of them get drunk off of expensive beers.  Pretty boiler plate stuff.

On its own, I was on the fence at even attending the gig until I saw Hamilton Leithauser was opening – that immediately put me fully in.  You may or may not know Hamilton was the singer of the Walkmen, who were goddamn great and everyone should listen to their album “Bows + Arrows” if it’s not already a part of your regular musi…