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Built To Spill / The Afghan Whigs at the Cat’s Cradle - 4/28/2018

Built To Spill
With The Afghan Whigs
Cat’s Cradle

Built To Spill is easily one of my all-time favorites…there’s no more than a couple of bands that I’ve seen live more than them (thanks in part to frequent four-night stints at Slims and/or Great American Music Hall in my former home of San Francisco, where I went to multiple performances most times).  I’m there every time they come through town, and gladly.  With all that said, there is no way in hell they should have been headlining over Afghan Whigs.  You get no frills with BTS – tonight it was just Doug Martsch, his guitar, a shitload of pedals and electronics, and those same two young dudes that have been working as his rhythm section for the last few tours.  There’s no fancy backdrops, no elaborate lighting, almost no banter with the crowd – just the man, the songs, and a lot of guitar solos.  What the band lacks in personality, they more than make up with it via a particular strong setlist this evening – since there was n…

PHOTOS: Superchunk / The Rock*A*Teens at the Cat’s Cradle - 4/27/2018


The Rock*A*Teens

Superchunk / The Rock*A*Teens at the Cat’s Cradle - 4/27/2018

With The Rock*A*Teens
Cat’s Cradle

I was in line to enter the Cat’s Cradle at 9:05, and I could hear the Rock*A*Teens already playing.  Really loving that this club is starting shit right on time, but I guess I’ve got to do a better job at showing up on time.  I last saw them four years ago at Merge 25, and while I never considered myself a big fan I enjoyed that gig.  I felt the same way on this night; I don’t think this is because the band has changed that much, but rather my tastes have slightly shifted.  I guess I do listen to a lot more jangle pop these days, and the Rock*A*Teens are kind of a slightly garage rock-ish version of that pop sound that Athens has been doing so well for four decades now (this is where I point out this band is from Atlanta, right next to Athens, for those unaware).  Surprisingly, the band actually has their first new record in almost two decades, “Sixth House,” coming out in a couple of months, and the new songs they played from this r…

PHOTOS: PRF South, Day Three at the Pinhook - 4/15/2018

Five Eight

Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends

1970s Film Stock

PRF South, Day Three at the Pinhook - 4/15/2018

PRF South, Day Three
With Five Eight, Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends, and 1970s Film Stock
The Pinhook

Like the day before, I headed back over to Durham to catch a few acts from the all day festivities that are PRF South.  This day featured a special guest: a torrential storm!  I found their music a little redundant, to be honest.

No slight to the other performances this night, but the real excitement for me was Five Eight.  They were one of the first bands I ever saw live, back in the early nineties as a 10th grader (I think).  The club was called the Squashpile - it was in a bombed out, super dead part of Asheville that now is the home to breweries and high end lofts for rich people.  It also doubled as a makeshift skatepark, which was actually the reason I was there, but I dug what Five Eight was offering and bought whatever cassette they had for sale (which is long since gone, apparently with all the rest of my tapes that got lost in one of my many moves).  I saw the…

PHOTOS: PRF South, Day Two at the Pinhook - 4/14/2018

Wailin' Storms

Spider Bags

Maple Stave

PRF South, Day Two at the Pinhook - 4/14/2018

PRF South, Day Two
With Wailin’ Storms, Spider Bags, and Maple Stave
The Pinhook

I’m still not entirely sure what PRF is (some sort of music forum I think?), but they put on a whole weekend of shows in Durham under the name PRF South.  It had been a while since my lazy ass had left the house for some rock music, and this seemed as good a time as any. 

There were bands scheduled all day at the Pinhook, but I'm rarely an “all day” sort of person, and instead got there in the early evening to take in just a few sets.  First was Wailin’ Storms, a local group I’m always seeing listed on bills, but I've never actually witnessed in person.  They’re a four piece of mostly tall dudes, which I only note because so many musicians are short.  I don’t know why that is, but it felt noteworthy.  They had a smoke machine, and they had it working overtime…not great for photos, but who doesn’t enjoying feeling like they’re watching a band inside of a bubbling cauldron?  They were pretty d…