Sunday, April 1, 2018

Destroyer at the Cat’s Cradle - 1/30/2018

Cat’s Cradle

I almost forgot to write about this Destroyer show, and I likely would have totally forgotten had I not also taken photos and if those same photos haven’t been staring at me for well over a month begging me to edit them.  There’s a good reason one might forget about a Destroyer show – they’re all more or less the same.  Well, the songs change, as Dan Bejar and company tend to mostly just play their newest record (in this particular case, “Ken”) with a couple of recent classics thrown in, but their subdued performance doesn’t lend itself to strong memories or compelling reasons to rehash a gig.  Despite that, every time they come through town  I can’t buy my ticket fast enough...I’ve gone through this cycle a number of times, and at no point has it ever really made sense to me.  I guess there’s that part of your brain that wants to hear these songs you love live no matter how interesting the journey is…it also doesn’t hurt that despite barely moving, Bejar is still pretty damn photogenic.  It might be the Kramer hair.  I’m really jealous of that hair.  Well, I’m really jealous of any hair these days, but his is particularly fantastic.

Anyways, Destroyer played a show.  It was totally fine,  Sounded great.  Not much happened.  I can't wait to see them again.