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PHOTOS: Don’t Be Mean To People, Day Two at Ponysaurus Brewing - 10/20/2018

Wye Oak

Skylar Gudasz

Superchunk (acoustic)

Spider Bags

Don’t Be Mean To People, Day Two at Ponysaurus Brewing - 10/20/2018

Don’t Be Mean To People, Day 2
Ponysaurus Brewing

Mini rock festival!  This is the third year they’ve done this sort of all-day rock thing at Ponysaurus involving local bands both big and small, and at least the second year where they used the event to raise money for the ACLU (the first year was the 11th anniversary celebration for Bull City Records, but I’m not entirely sure what the fiscal motivations were one way or another).  This year was actually a two day event, but I only caught the back half of Saturday - and it was a COOKER.  Best of all, they had two stages set up, so as soon as one act finished the next would be starting within just a few minutes.  There was a healthy crowd but it never felt crowded, the weather was pristine, and tons of food trucks – it’s damn near a perfect event.   

I caught the last couple of songs from Tooth, a local metal act that has been around for what seems like forever but who play only rarely.  Or maybe they’ve been broken up for ages …

The Rock*A*Teens / Spider Bags at Kings - 9/21/2018

The Rock*A*Teens
With Spider Bags

I was truly shocked at the low turnout at this show…Hopscotch hangover maybe?  Both bands just released excellent new albums on local label Merge, and based on the many times I’ve seen each in the past, both are well liked.  Hell, I’ve seen both of these acts so many times (particularly Spider Bags) that I didn’t even bother to bring my camera, I’ve already got so many photos of each.

Spider Bags were performing as a three piece without that extra guitarist who doesn’t appear to really be in the band but plays with them sometimes.  They knocked out all of their hits – “Keys To The City,” “Que Viva Elrocanrol,” etc. – plus a ton of tracks from their latest “Someday Everything Will Be Fine.”  Most notably, “Oxcart Blues” from the new one is now a part of their “hits” in my book, moving forward, as decreed by me.  That track burns.

The Rock*A*Teens followed more or less the same formula as Spider Bags – plenty (if not nearly all) of their lat…

PHOTOS: Hopscotch 2018, Day Three in downtown Raleigh - 9/8/2018

MC50, City Plaza

Karaoke, Slims

The Hot At Nights, The Pour House

Yonatan Gat, The Pour House