Thursday, December 14, 2017

BODYKIT / Essex/Muro at Kings - 9/1/2017

with Essex/Muro

It seems like nearly every time BODYKIT has played lately, I've been out of town or already had tickets to something else - and that was going to hold true again for their upcoming Hopscotch performance as well.  Luckily, this last-minute benefit show for Charlottesville popped up...well, not lucky that the events of Charlottesville happened, or that Nazis still exist, but lucky for my eyes and ears.  As always, the two of them  (Rich and Josh) had set up their table full of electronics on the floor, away from bothersome intrusions like lights and sightlines.  Much to my delight and their chagrin though, there was still enough light coming from the stage that I managed to get a couple of decent photos of the band for the first time ever.  Take that, band who doesn't want their photo taken and I should totally respect that instead of being an asshole!  They still sound a lot like Liars to me (Liars of the past few years specifically, but less so their newest record "TFCF"), but as I've noted before this is not a genre of music I know a ton about and my comparison game is pretty limited.  They're heavy, they're distorted, they're electronic, there are samples, Rich sings and/or yells, and it makes me think of my early high school years listening to Ministry.  I may not be able to describe it, but I like it, and I'm excited they have a full-length record coming out soon. 

The only thing I knew about Essex Muro is they seem to play out a lot and they recently released an album on local label Sorry State - this lead me to believe that while it wasn't a forgone conclusion they were a hardcore band, the odds were heavily in that favor.   The verdict: they were a hardcore band.  Hardcore has never done a ton for me, but as far as the genre goes they were perfectly fine - the singer was excitable, the band played fast, and the set was short.

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