Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble at the Cat's Cradle Back Room - 8/8/2017

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble
Cat's Cradle Back Room

I've been listening to a metric shit ton of Stereolab this summer, so Laetitia Sadier releasing a new album under the name Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble and going on tour could not have happened at a better time.  No, she/they didn't actually play any Stereolab songs, but it was close enough - and getting to hear that deep, soothing voice of hers sing anything was more than ok with me.  As for that voice - Laetitia might have aged (as have we all unfortunately), but she sounds as perfect as the first time I heard her 25 plus years ago.  I can't say a lot about the set list because I don't know her solo songs on that level, but I'm pretty sure a goo chunk of them was from their the latest album "Find Me Finding You."  

A few other observations:

1. Laetitia not only plays her guitar left-handed, but with the strings upside-down aka "Jimi Hendrix style."  I have no idea if calling it "Jimi Hendrix style" is actually a thing.  I probably made this same observation (at least mentally) the last time I saw Stereolab, but that was a long damn time ago. 
2. Including Sadier, the band was a four piece - drums/bass/guitar/synths.  Actually, everyone but Laetitia had synths, and at a couple points they were all playing at the same time.  They all also provided backing vocals here and there.  
3. The drummer was a total bad ass, rocking beats with one hand that most drummers half-assedly do with two.  Not     that he only had one hand, it was just often engaged with other percussion like them shaky egg things, or playing keyboards.

Sure, like the rest of their fans I'd love for Stereolab to reform and record new music, but this is truly the next best thing.  While at the show, there were even a few moments where if I closed my eyes I could convince myself it actually was Stereolab...with her voice, anything she does is going to invite the comparison, but she seems more than able to stand up to her own legacy. 

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