Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Dinosaur Jr at the Cat's Cradle - 4/1/2017

Dinosaur Jr
Cat's Cradle

Dinosaur Jr has been doing their thing for over thirty years now, and even doing that thing with the original line-up for the past ten years, so there's not really a lot to report here that hasn't been said so many times before by people much more skilled in the art of word manipulation and adequate grammar.  The guys might be older, but the music is as vibrant to me as ever.  It's interesting to think that this band's most popular records are older than the music I considered "oldies" when I was a kid - despite that, there was definitely a ton of young people in the crowd, which mostly made my heart happy, and also slightly annoyed me because they had the gall to get to the Cradle way before me and then stand in front of me like a bunch of responsible attendees.

I suppose the big difference for me is that unlike the last time I saw Dinosaur Jr, they didn't play "Bug" in it's entirety.  Instead, it was a number of songs from their most recent release "Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not" mixed with classics like "Freak Scene," "Thumb," "Start Choppin," "Feel the Pain," and my person favorite on the night "The Wagon."  It sounded great, especially after I moved back near the soundboard when I finished taking photos.  If you've seen the band before, you can picture in your head what the stage looked like - J Mascis standing nearly still the whole time in front of a wall of Marshall amps, rarely talking, and shredding his guitars; Murph playing the drums like someone took the spirit of Animal from the Muppets and put it into the body of an accountant; and I'm not sure I saw Lou Barlow's face the entire time, just a frenzied nest of hair while he lurched back and forth on his bass. 

It might have all been predictable, this band that has been around so long, doing things I've seen them do a number of times before, but it was still plenty fun and I'll gladly do it again if and when Dinosaur Jr come back to town. 

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