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Belle & Sebastian at the North Carolina Museum of Art - 7/31/2017

Belle & Sebastian North Carolina Museum of Art
Seeing Belle & Sebastian is always noteworthy, as they're the wife's favorite band (as well as one of mine), a band we've traveled to different states and countries in order to see them perform live.  But not since our days in the Bay Area have we been able to see them where we live, and that made this gig particularly special.  They performed at the outdoors amphitheater at the North Carolina Museum of Art - I'd never seen a band play here before, and as always I was skeptical of an outdoor show as the sound is usually garbage, and summer weather in the south isn't the most conducive to standing in a crowd.  This place is great though - the sound was excellent, the sold out show was full without being packed, and by sheer dumb luck that almost never happens around here in July, the weather was perfection - low humidity and not too hot.  Perhaps best of all, there is a general admission s…