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PHOTOS: Spiral Stairs / Mac McCaughan at the Cat's Cradle Back Room - 6/27/2017

Mac McCaughan

Spiral Stairs

Spiral Stairs / Mac McCaughan at the Cat's Cradle Back Room - 6/27/2017

Spiral Stairs With Mac McCaughan
Cat's Cradle Back Room

Hey, I saw  Mac McCaughan play again!  For those keeping track at home, you're doing better than me - I've lost count at this point the number of times I've seen the Superchunk frontman in his various forms.  He played sitting down with an acoustic guitar, which seems normal but I feel like most of the times I've seen him solo he's played an electric.  There were a couple of new songs, some of his solo songs, and of course a few Superchunk songs - "Driveway to Driveway," "Sick to Move," "Digging for Something," the rarely heard but awesome "Rope Light," and "Nu Bruises," which Mac noted might be the first time he's ever played that one on an acoustic guitar.  Given that I've gone to see this man play dozens upon dozens of times, is it even necessary to point out that it was great?  Well, it was, as always. 

Back in my Bay Area days…

Iron Maiden / Ghost at PNC Music Pavilion - 6/9/2017

Iron Maiden
With Ghost
PNC Music Pavilion
As you could easily guess from my show history, I don't go in for these types of huge concerts at arenas or amphitheaters or in this case, pavilions.  Sometimes though, you just decide you've never seen Iron Maiden and they aren't getting any younger, so why the hell not? 

The opener was Ghost from Sweden.  The singer dresses like a demented pope and the rest of the band is wearing masks.  I know this more from seeing photos of the band than what I saw on the stage, because we were so damn far could kinda make out the pope hat at best.  They sounded pretty good - much more melodic than I was expecting based on their look (you always expect a demented pope to shade more to the black metal descriptor, right?).  There were a lot of Ghost shirts in the crowd, so clearly this was a pretty popular opener - I give them the thumbs up as well.  Still, it's weird watching a metal band when it's still daylig…