Monday, April 3, 2017

Paws / Dude York at the Pinhook - 3/22/2017

With Dude York
The Pinhook

I knew absolutely nothing about opener Dude York before they took the stage.  First impression: trio, bass playing gal who sings, guitar playing dude who also sings and was wearing a half shirt, and a young looking drummer who added a little bit of backing vocals.  They said they were from Seattle and were quite gregarious, lots of chatting among themselves and with the crowd - this band was very comfortable on stage, like a group of theater majors who decided to play music instead.  They talked at one point about what is punk and whether or not they are a punk band, and how that definition is so nebulous - which is certainly true.  For my money this is a pop band with a little bit of punk scruffiness, but not truly punk...but honestly, that might describe a ton of the "best" punk bands over the years like the Ramones or the Buzzcocks or a ton of others.  I wasn't totally blown away by Dude York, but they were entertaining enough live and I wouldn't mind hearing their record(s) and see if that increases my interest.  Perhaps noteworthy is that the dude singer winked at me while I was taking photos, marking the first time I've ever been winked at by a man in a half shirt...or a full shirt for that matter.  Now that I think about it, no one ever winks at me regardless of sex or shirtedness!  Speaking of firsts, on their last song the band took selfies as they were finishing their set, which I've never seen before.  Kids these days, yaknowwhatI'msayin'? 

Paws was the reason I actually left the house, and I'm glad to report it was well worth the effort.  This trio from Glasgow, Scotland do the whole melodic, buzzsaw punk thing as well as anybody...sort of like a British version of Terry Malts, if I'm being honest (and I super duper love Terry Malts so that's meant as a compliment).  They put out a fantastic record in 2014 called "Youth Culture Forever" that was one of my favorites of the year - they played a few songs off of that one on this night, but I think most of their set focused on their new album "No Grace" which I don't know nearly as well (but I loved what I heard).  There was a little bit of banter from the band while tuning, but mostly they just burned through their songs one after another in a very aggressive, immediate way that befits their sound.  They finished their set with the rhythm section playing in the crowd, though in a just world there would have been so many fans in the crowd that this would not have been physically possible.  Hopefully the light attendance doesn't prevent Paws from returning to our area, because I very much would love to see them again.

Side note number 1: This was my first time eating at the (somewhat) newly opened Pie Pushers just above the Pinhook.  Just as tasty as the truck, and an awesome option to eat when going to a show.  Now if they could only get Parlour to open a little scoop shop annex in there as well, I'd never have to leave that building. 

Side note number 2: They played Squeeze between the bands,  I always forget how good Squeeze was, criminally underrated.  Now "Goodbye Girl" is going to be stuck in my head forever.

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