Monday, June 6, 2016

Low at the Cat's Cradle - 2/3/2015

The Cat's Cradle

I had been sick for a damn week, already missing Eric Bachmann at the Pinhook even though I already had a ticket - I wasn't doing that again, health be damned...this Low ticket was getting cashed in.  On top of that, outside of their appearance at Hopscotch in 2013, they haven't played in the Triangle since I moved back in 2008 - even more of a reason to make sure I was there.  That Hopscotch gig was a seated show in the sonically perfect Flether Opera Theater and will likely never be topped, but I knew I'd get a good show at the Cradle as well, because the Cradle never disappoints (even though the crowd often does).  

The band had no opener, instead opting to play two sets.  Apparently it was also being webcast live, though I question the quality of this webcast based on how crappy the camera was that the cameraman near me was using.  I would describe the club as "comfortably full," as there were a fair amount of fans but everyone had plenty of personal space.  The band sounded absolutely terrific  - Alan was wrecking shit on his guitar, Mimi's voice was perfection, and the young bass/keyboard dude who isn't Zak Sally held the whole thing together.  The set was a mix of old classics like "Monkey," "Murderer," "Especially Me," and "Pissing," and a lot of tracks from their newest record "Ones and Sixes."  I was so zoned out and happy most of the show I forgot about how shitty I felt, though about halfway through the second set I started feeling it again for sure.  

Side note: if you hate getting sick, let me suggest that you not have a newborn baby in daycare and also fly about ten times in the span of a month and a half during the Winter.  I've had more colds in the last two months than I usually have over a span of years. 

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