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PHOTOS: Moogfest 2016, Day Four at Geer Street Garden - 5/22/2016


Moogfest 2016, Day Four at Geer Street Garden - 5/22/2016

Moogfest 2016, Day Four Featuring Weather Warlock and D-Town Brass Geer Street Garden
But wait, there's more!  Moogfest was supposed to be over, but we got word that there would be a sunrise show featuring Weather Warlock and D-Town Brass.  Who is Weather Warlock?  It's Quintron of Quintron and Miss Pussycat playing his homemade synthesizer that changes it's sound based on the weather...sun versus overcast, rain versus shine, windy versus still...they all result in different sounds apparently due to the synth being wired to what is basically a weather station.  We got up at five in the morning and drove back over to Durham, because why the hell not?  How often do you get to see a musical performance at sunrise?  You can always take a nap later.  We got there right as the show started, Quintron and his crazy contraption on one side of the patio at Geer Street Garden, all of D-Town Brass on the other side, and a handful of bleary-eyed observers scattered a…

PHOTOS: Moogfest 2016, Day Three in downtown Durham - 5/21/2016

Mac McCaughan, Durham Arts Council PSI Theatre

The Body, The Pinhook

Quintron and Miss Pussycat, The Pinhook

Moogfest 2016, Day Three in downtown Durham - 5/21/2016

Moogfest 2016, Day Three Featuring Mac McCaughan, The Body, Quintron and Miss Pussycat, and Sunn O)) Downtown Durham
On the plus side, today's shows started early; the negative is there was no way in hell we were lasting until the end of the night.  We made our way to a small spot right next to the Carolina Theatre called the Durham Arts Council PSI Theatre just before 4 PM to see Mac McCaughan.  I've seen him somewhere in the range of five million times between all of his projects (Superchunk, Portastatic, solo, etc), but this was the first time I would witness a performance of this fashion - Mac tweaking a bank of synths and keyboards, a dude with a clipboard standing behind him in a judgemental manner, and some modern dancers doing their modern dance thing.  The music was all instrumental and started a little slow, but I was feeling it for the bulk of the set.  Like any other time I've ever seen anything of this nature, I didn't have a goddamn clue…

Moogfest 2016, Day Two in downtown Durham - 5/20/2016

Moogfest 2016, Day Two Featuring Grimes, Denzel Curry, and Gary Numan Downtown Durham
My good man Brian came in from Wilmington for the next two nights of Moogfest.  I typically go to shows solo, so it was a nice change of pace to have one of my best friends there for the old man version of rocking and/or rolling. 

We decided to start our night with Grimes.  To be honest, neither one of us knew a thing about her (I actually wasn't even sure if it was a her or a them going into the show), and I mostly went in with an open mind...a mind that closed fairly fast, to be honest.  We lasted two songs, but I was over it halfway through the first.  All of the music appeared to be pre-recorded, and when I say all of the music I'm even including the vocals.  She might have sang along during parts of the song, but there were multiple times (just in the brief time we were there) that the mic was a good two feet from her face but the vocals were still perfect.  It was basi…

PHOTOS: Moogfest 2016, Day One at Motorco - 5/19/2016

Silver Apples


Gary Numan

Moogfest 2016, Day One at Motorco - 5/19/2016

Moogfest 2016, Day One Featuring Gary Numan, Zombi, and Silver Apples Motorco
The first day of the first Durham edition of Moogfest...this is a way easier commute than Asheville!  Despite it being the type of festival where you bounce around from venue to venue, tonight was going to be very easy for me - I was starting at Motorco and not leaving until it was time to walk to the car.  Not only that, this was my most anticipated line-up of the whole event. 

First up for me was Silver Apples, aka Simeon.  When a band is just one man do you refer to it as a he or a they?  Regardless, I saw him nearly twenty years ago (with a drummer that time) opening for Polvo at the Cat's Cradle, and he was already an old dude then...I mention this not to mock him, but purely out of adoration.  The man turns 78 this year and is just as lively, vibrant, and impressive as anyone else at Moogfest, of any age.  This man is nearly as old as my grandma, and here he is on stage tweaking …