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Record Store Day 2016: Eric Bachmann / Skylar Gudasz / Charming Youngsters at Schoolkids Durham & Bull City Records - 4/16/2016

Record Store Day 2016 with Eric Bachmann, Skylar Gudasz, and the Charming Youngsters Schoolkids Durham & Bull City Records
There wasn't a single record on the list of exclusive "Record Store Day" releases that I really gave a shit about...It's highly likely the day has jumped the proverbial shark.  I mean, I still went out to a few stores and bought some records, but nothing "special" to this day.  Despite a lack of interest in the physical component behind the "holiday," I was totally down for the parties that the various record stores were having to celebrate all of their extra sales. 

I started off at Schoolkids in Durham.  I hadn't been to the store since it became Schoolkids - it's a nice spot even if their used selection is a bit lacking.  I was primarily there to see Eric Bachmann, especially since I missed him the last time he was in town this past winter...having a new kid leads to a lot of sickness, whi…

Yo La Tengo at the Orange Peel - 4/2/2016

Yo La Tengo
The Orange Peel
There was nearly a fight at a Yo La Tengo show.  It never would have come to blows, but there was definitely some chest puffing and angry jostling for a particular piece of real estate not far from the stage.  Fittingly, one of the guys was a middle-aged, overweight, bearded man who likely is a brewmaster at one of Asheville's 45,772 breweries, and the other was wearing a scarf and surely worked as a barista.  I wonder if anyone wearing a scarf has ever actually got into a fight?  Seems like you would be giving your opponent a pretty good weapon to use against you and choke you out.  Anyways...

I was up in the mountains to see the family anyways, so it was fortuitous that I actually looked at the calendar and saw Yo La Tengo would be appearing at the Orange Peel after performing at the Big Ears festival in Knoxville the night before.  I had never been to the Orange Peel before (a couple of Morrissey cancellations were my only other …