Sunday, December 13, 2015

Bandway / Pipe at the Cat's Cradle - 10/24/2015

with Pipe
Cat's Cradle

It had been a little over four years since I last saw Bandway, at 2011's Hopscotch Music Festival, which was the last time they performed live as far as I know.  That seems to be pretty much the norm for them, get together every few years to rock the balls off the select few people with the goddamn good sense to show up.  There were probably a couple hundred of these smart people on this night, and I recognized a ton of them - I would bet 90% of the crowd was probably at any Bandway show I attended nearly twenty years ago.  We were all older and some of us fatter, but our love of a good time has never diminished. 

The big difference between this gig and the couple of others they've played over the last, well, decade, is they actually recently released a new album, "Buddies," their first since 2002's "Night Rock."  They were playing new songs!  Awesome new songs that is, to go along with classics like "King Kong" and "Balls Out" and "Champagne" and all those other gems that gets the crowd singing along vigorously.  It was, in a word, glorious. 

I think you can sum up the awesomeness that is this band with the following quote from Brooks Carter, frontman of the gods:
"This song is about love...the purest love of all...the song is called 'White Nipples.'"

Pipe opened the show.  To paraphrase Wooderson from "Dazed and Confused" - "That's what I love about Pipe, man. I get older, they stay the same band."  They started with "Gutterball," ended with "Ashtray," and there was plenty of high-quality, high-kick filled punk rock in between.  It's always sort of the same thing with them, but it's a same thing I'm always happy to see.  Singer Ron Liberti was full of antics as usual, laying down flat on the stage while still singing at one point.  It was a quality night of rock all around, one that doesn't happen nearly often enough. 

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