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Mac McCaughan / Flesh Wounds at the Cat's Cradle Back Room - 5/23/2015

Mac McCaughan with Flesh Wounds Cat's Cradle Back Room
I've not spent nearly enough time seeing Flesh Wounds live, for reasons that are entirely not clear to me.  They put on a great live show and I'm way into their brand of punk rock, and yet...this is only the second time I've seen them play.  To no surprise they were fantastic, burning through a dozen or so songs in probably not much longer than twenty minutes, barely stopping to catch their breath.  It's unclear how much the mostly middle-aged crowd was feeling their youthful exuberance, but I was certainly up front and way into it.  I've really gotta make an effort to see them more often. 
For the second time this year I would get to see Mac McCaughan play a solo set apart from my beloved Superchunk; for the first time this year, I would be able to see his set in it's entirety since I didn't show up late like a damn fool.  His performance was really three sub-sets, with Flesh …

Lightning Bolt / Whatever Brains at Kings - 5/11/2015

Lightning Bolt with Whatever Brains Kings
Lightning Bolt might have been the headliners, but make no mistake Whatever Brains were the main draw on this night.  Sure, I've seen them dozens of times, but word on the street (aka my friend John who is friends with the band) is this was going to be their final show.  Upon hearing this news a different friend asked me "what are you going to do for fun now?" - the only answer is there will be no more fun ever again.    Now, this word of the end of WB comes from a reliable source, but the band hasn't explicitly said anything about it themselves, and they are planning on recording a new record, so who knows what happens at this point.  I certainly wasn't going to take a chance of missing the gig if it did end up being their last performance, and worst case scenario is they keep playing but I just saw another show by them, something I've never had a problem with.  Anyways, yadda yadda yadda, it w…

USX / Generation of Vipers / Sinister Haze at the Cave - 4/29/2015

USX with Generation of Vipers and Sinister Haze The Cave
I've probably mentioned it before, but I've been friends with Nate Hall, the front man of USX (aka US Christmas) since high school when he wore ridiculous vertical striped polo shirts and had a bowl haircut.  I saw him perform not too long ago but it had been quite some time since I had seen him with this particular outfit (he also has another band called Nate Hall and the Poison Snake, as well as releasing solo records) - USX was the first, and continues to be my favorite of all his different efforts.  The band has had many forms and different members, but the current line-up of Nate singing and playing guitar, Meg on violin, Josh on bass, and Billy on drums appears to be the most stable they've ever been, and their most enjoyable for my money.  Their set was a nice mix of songs from across their spectrum of albums, a concise and powerful 45ish minute set; it was a stoned, sludgy, slow metal di…