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Birds of Avalon / Mac McCaughan at Motorco - 12/4/2015

Birds of Avalon with Mac McCaughan Motorco
Thanks to ReverbNation throwing their holiday party at Motorco and making it open to the public, I got to see a show for free that I would have gladly paid real American dollars to witness.  Add to that stuffing my face with Pie Pushers before the show, and it was a good night.  As a side note, there was a BBQ food truck set up in front of the Pit, a BBQ restaurant that is right across the street from Motorco.  This both confused and delighted me. 

I've seen Mac McCaughan play four or five times this year, and none of those times was with his main band Superchunk.  A few of the occasions were with local punks Flesh Wounds acting as his backing band, but this performance was just Mac solo, with only his electric guitar to help him out.  The set had selections from every facet of his career - solo songs, Portastatic songs, and of course Superchunk songs.  He played a number of my favorites including "Detroit H…

PHOTOS: Ed Schrader's Music Beat / Heads On Sticks at Kings - 11/13/2015

Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Heads On Sticks

PHOTOS: Bandway / Pipe at the Cat's Cradle - 10/24/2015



Bandway / Pipe at the Cat's Cradle - 10/24/2015

Bandway with Pipe Cat's Cradle
It had been a little over four years since I last saw Bandway, at 2011's Hopscotch Music Festival, which was the last time they performed live as far as I know.  That seems to be pretty much the norm for them, get together every few years to rock the balls off the select few people with the goddamn good sense to show up.  There were probably a couple hundred of these smart people on this night, and I recognized a ton of them - I would bet 90% of the crowd was probably at any Bandway show I attended nearly twenty years ago.  We were all older and some of us fatter, but our love of a good time has never diminished. 

The big difference between this gig and the couple of others they've played over the last, well, decade, is they actually recently released a new album, "Buddies," their first since 2002's "Night Rock."  They were playing new songs!  Awesome new songs that is, to go along with classics…

PHOTOS: Protomartyr / Amanda X at Kings - 10/20/2015


Amanda X

Protomartyr / Amanda X at Kings - 10/20/2015

Protomartyr with Amanda X Kings
The last time Protomartyr played at Slims was one of the best shows in recent years - not only did they kill it, but Whatever Brains and Spray Paint were also on that bill.  I really, really miss Whatever Brains.  Anyways, this time through town they stepped up to a larger club and made Kings their home, a smart choice given how packed Slims was last time around.  As this was a tour for their newest record "The Agent Intellect," there were lots of songs off of that excellent album, an album that will definitely be one of my top three favorites of the year.  Plenty of older songs too, including the amazing "Scum, Rise!" - as long as I get to hear that track, everything else is gravy.  As per usual, singer Joe Casey stalked around the stage like a drunk professor, usually with a beer in his hand.  If this band played live once a month I would go every time, happily. 

The opening band was a trio of females from Phila…

Caspian / Circle Takes the Square at Kings - 10/19/2015

Caspian with Circle Takes the Square Kings
Decided on a whim to go get my post-rock on with Caspian.  I hadn't paid much attention to them since their first record "The Four Trees," but I was pretty sure they would deliver live.  I might have even seen them in concert once back in my SF days, but it's been so many bands over so many years, shit is starting to get fuzzy.  They're on the the heavier side of the post-rock spectrum but not quite metal, and despite vocals on a couple of songs they very much feel like an instrumental band who just happens to forget to accidentally not sing every once in a while.  They showed up at Kings like a pro outfit with a full light show including glowing matching boxes(?) on top of each of their amps and lots of strobe.  More importantly they sounded amazing - even though I barely know their material, they held my attention throughout.  Yeah, they do that same quiet-loud-quiet thing that all these bands d…

PHOTOS: Archers of Loaf / Flesh Wounds at the Cat's Cradle - 10/17/2015

Archers Of Loaf

Flesh Wounds