Friday, September 5, 2014

Spider Bags at the Pinhook - 8/8/2014

Spider Bags
The Pinhook

I'll generally try to make it to any Spider Bags show, but this one was special - a release party for their first record on Merge, "Frozen Letter."  Flesh Wounds were doing the exact same thing in Chapel Hill on this same night - why the two bands didn't combine their release shows is beyond me and a bummer, because I would love to have seen both.  Spider Bags singer Dan McGee made note that the only band they could think of to open this show for them was Flesh Wounds, and since they were clearly busy, the Bags decided to just play this one by themselves.  Since it was only them for the entire night, they played two different sets.  The first set was the new record in order and in it's entirety, and it was great introduction to their new material as I hadn't heard "Frozen Letter" previous to the gig.  There was then a 15 to 20 minute break where the crowd and the band both refueled their Beer cells, and then the Bags launched into their "greatest hits" aka every song you would ever want to hear them play from all of their previous recordings.  Including the break I think they played for two and a half hours, and it was a blistering, raucous, incredibly sweaty affair...seriously, I think it might have been 95 degrees inside of the Pinhook.  A sweaty t-shirt is a small price to pay for a show that good though. 

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