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PHOTOS: The Clean / Boogarins at the Cat's Cradle Back Room - 8/25/2014

The Clean


The Clean / Boogarins at the Cat's Cradle Back Room - 8/25/2014

The Clean with Boogarins Cat's Cradle Back Room
I really should have written this before my phone died (or rather, went for a swim) and I lost all my notes.  Yes, even for these half-assed reviews I write, I take notes.  My memory is shit. 
Opener Boogarins are a band from Brazil according to the internets, but I didn't verify that directly with the band, and they spoke English to the crowd.  To quote myself from the photo I posted on Instagram: "Very impressive.  Swirly guitar pop crossed with heavy jams, like if Ty Segall joined the Cocteau Twins."  Can't really argue with my astute assessment since I'm the one that made it.  I really need to listen to their record though, because I did quite enjoy their live performance. 
I've seen the Clean a few times and David Kilgour solo a few more times on top of that (including just this past July at Merge 25), so I can't really say there was anything new or exciting about this perfor…

Kyle Kinane at Kings - 8/12/2014

Kyle Kinane Kings
We braved monsoon-like rains to get to Kings in in effort to roust up some laughs from Kyle Kinane.  Despite having wet pants for the entire show, it was a successful endeavor.  He was working out material for a special he would be recording in Georgia in a few days, so I guess this was a sneak preview and/or we were being used as guinea pigs.  As an aside, do they actually test anything on guinea pigs?  You'd think how much they get mentioned in regards to testing that everything runs through them.  Anyways, newsflash: Kyle was friggin' hilarious, and the special is clearly going to be awesome.  I will be more than happy to rehear all of these same jokes again; especially if he uses his long story about getting a blowjob from a mentally slow under-aged girl, that shit killed the entire audience.

PHOTOS: Spider Bags at the Pinhook - 8/8/2014


Spider Bags at the Pinhook - 8/8/2014

Spider Bags The Pinhook
I'll generally try to make it to any Spider Bags show, but this one was special - a release party for their first record on Merge, "Frozen Letter."  Flesh Wounds were doing the exact same thing in Chapel Hill on this same night - why the two bands didn't combine their release shows is beyond me and a bummer, because I would love to have seen both.  Spider Bags singer Dan McGee made note that the only band they could think of to open this show for them was Flesh Wounds, and since they were clearly busy, the Bags decided to just play this one by themselves.  Since it was only them for the entire night, they played two different sets.  The first set was the new record in order and in it's entirety, and it was great introduction to their new material as I hadn't heard "Frozen Letter" previous to the gig.  There was then a 15 to 20 minute break where the crowd and the band both refueled their Beer cells, and the…

PHOTOS: The Rosebuds at Duke Gardens - 6/25/2014


The Rosebuds at Duke Gardens & The Cat's Cradle - 6/25/2014 & 8/2/2014

The Rosebuds Duke Gardens & The Cat's Cradle
6/25/2014 & 8/2/2014
The chances of getting an unbiased review of the Rosebuds has never been very high around here - I've known Ivan and Kelly for many years.  Now not only have they added two more friends to their touring band, Mark Paulson (also of the Bowerbirds) on bass and Rob Lackey on Drums, but one of my very best friends for a large portion of my life, Brian Weeks on guitar.  We go all the way back to Belk Hall on the UNCW campus in 1994, moved to San Francisco together in 2000, and have been annoying each other regularly for twenty years now. 

Since I'm too lazy to write two reviews I'm lumping both of their shows these past couple of months together.  The first was at the Duke Gardens, and sorta seemed to coincide with the Merge 25 festivities even if the band isn't on the label anymore (I still saw Merge head honcho Mac at the show, so things must still be copacetic between the Rosebuds …