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Foals / J. Roddy Walston & the Business at the Red Hat Amphitheater - 5/2/2014

Foals with J. Roddy Walston & the Business Red Hat Amphitheater
Some local radio station was putting on a free show, I didn't have shit else going on, so why not hit the town?  I'd never been to Red Hat or seen any of the bands, so it seemed like an entertaining enough way to spend the evening. 
As always, free shows bring out weird crowds - lots of very young kids, random old people, stoners, wookies, folks that are likely homeless, and rejects from the filming of "Spring Breakers."  The line was all the way around the block so my idea of catching most of J. Roddy Walston & the Business was out the window - I did get to hear most of the set though, and we finally got inside in time to take in the last three or so songs.  I've had friends for ages saying they are must-see live, and even though this was probably the wrong venue I could see what they were getting at.  The band, especially J. Roddy, were very exciteable and enthusiastic…

New Boss at Nice Price Books and Records - 5/31/2014

New Boss
Nice Price Books and Records
En route to go play old man basketball with some friends, I stopped off at Nice Price to take in some day rock and try not to buy anything for once.  I can't overstate how much I like a daytime or even happy hour rock show, it is one of the great joys in life.  I knew very little about who was playing and only had a few minutes to stop in, but it was free and who cares, day rock!  I managed to see a short set by a band called New Boss, which is apparently an offshoot of the Charlottesville band Invisible Hand.  It was unclear if this is just a side project or if Invisible Hand is no more...hopefully side piece status, because I dug the Hand.  The basics are: five piece band, female singer, excellent guitar playing.  The guitar work especially reminded me of Pavement, and the overall vibe of the band was Teenbeat Records circa 1995.  But more than anything, and this didn't hit me until their last song, they reminded me…

The Carvers at Satellite Bar and Lounge - 5/24/2014

The Carvers
Satellite Bar and Lounge
The wife and I went to Wilmington for a little Memorial Day vacation and to visit my good pal Brian, and it just so happened that a band featuring both one of Brian's bandmates and his former college roommate, the Carvers, were having a release party for their record.  Why not go see a little surf rock?  well, surf rock with a little vintage sixties garage rock thrown in.  The band was a five piece, all wearing matching burgundy blazers, and rocked it out like the house band of every Roger Corman sixties biker flick ever made.  It was a mix of originals and covers, from the Sonics to Dick Dale to the Santo & Johnny classic "Sleep Walk."  The crowd was also as mixed as I've seen in some time - from the usual young crowd to the middle age set like myself to older folks cutting a rug to the jams, pretty much everyone was represented here.  Everyone seemed to have a good time, including myself...not bad for a…

Brody Stevens / Howard Kremer at Local 506 - 5/23/2014

Brody Stevens with Howard Kremer Local 506
Weird comedy show was weird.  To be fair, I knew this would be the case going in. 
After a local opener, Howard Kremer was the first of the touring duo to take the stage.  It should be noted that the whole reason I was even at this gig is because the wife is obsessed with his podcast "Who Charted," but even she was wary about how odd this might be.  Howard isn't really a stand-up - he occasionally says funny things, but it's awkward and not well formed at all like a typical comedian.  Still, I laughed more than I cringed so I count that as a victory.   

Brody Stevens - not even sure where to start with him.  First off, he is crazy.  And I don't mean in the joking way "oh he's so crazy," no, he's actually been committed.  He's been well known in the LA comedy scene forever, does a ton of audience warm up gigs for various shows, had a documentary show about him on Comedy Central,…