Monday, November 11, 2013

Pontiak / Golden Void / Nate Hall with the Poison Snake at Blackout Effectors - 9/1/2013

with Golden Void & Nate Hall with the Poison Snake
Blackout Effectors

It's rare but sometimes there is a good show happening when I'm up in the mountains visiting the family.  Blackout Effectors is a guitar pedal manufacturer in Asheville, but sometimes they have shows in their back room.  The admission was cheap and they had free beer!  I don't even drink but I can admire a good value. 

Nate Hall opened the show.  Or more specifically, Nate Hall with the Poison Snake, his new live band (drums and bass) for his solo endeavors from US Christmas.  It appears his next generation of solo material will be more than him and an acoustic guitar, based on this show.  Honestly it just seemed like a slightly stripped down US Christmas, and since Nate writes the songs for both acts I don't know how he now decides what songs belong to which group, maybe there's a spreadsheet or something.  I do know the bassist of this group is Richard Kirby, former pro skateboarder for Santa Cruz, which is pretty cool.  Does this qualify the band as skate rock?  Either way, it sounded good and he's been promising a new solo record for a while so hopefully that gets released soon.  Supposedly all the new songs played on this evening are to be on that record. 

Golden Void were the middle band.  I knew absolutely nothing about them other than they were from the Bay Area, my former stomping grounds.  For lack of better terms, they played "boogie metal," a term I've coined for music that is equal parts stoner rock, seventies metal, and butt rock the likes of BTO or Deep Purple or Steppenwolf.  I guess some of the members are or were in other acts like Earthless, Assembled Head in Sunburst Sound, and Roots of Orchis, or so the internet tells me.  They were pretty damn good, though they played a little long in my opinion.  The lead guitarist absolutely destroyed, solos for days.  If I could play like that I don't think I would ever set the guitar down. 

The final band of the night was Pontiak, and I would finally see them live (and the subsequently see them again at Hopscotch just a few days later).  It somehow seems fitting that my first viewing of this band of brothers and their southern gothic kraut metal would be in a dark room in the back of a store on a rainy night instead of a proper rock club.   I often refer to bands being tight aka playing really well together, very in-sync and at a high skill level, but I'm not sure another band exists that sound as together as these guys.  Is it because they're brothers?  I gotta think that plays a part in it.  I was already a big fan of these guys, but seeing them live bumped my fanhood up ten fold.  They went from "good music" to "never to be missed live again."

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