Monday, November 11, 2013

Big Boi / Killer Mike at Memorial Auditorium - 9/21/2013

Big Boi
with Killer Mike
Memorial Auditorium
Big Boi was supposed to be one of the headliners at this past Hopscotch Music Festival, but after hurting his leg he had to postpone his show.  It was a real bummer at the time, but in hindsight having another great show to go to a couple of weeks later only increased the entertainment value of Hopscotch.  As an added bonus, they gave away a lot of the tickets for free for this show, to make up for him missing the festival.  I would have gladly paid a king's ransom for the show, assuming a king's ransom is somewhere no more than fifty bucks or so. 

Opening the show was Killer Mike.  He played Hopscotch last year and wasn't even scheduled at this year's festival, so a free show out of him was extra super awesome icing on the already tasty cake.  He was one of my highlights that year and this was a very similar performance - just him and his man DJ Trackstar, lots of songs from his album "R.A.P. Music," and a crowd eating it up.  He performed his hit song "Reagan" accapella, and climbed into the crowd continually to spread his gospel.  I use the word gospel intentionally, because seeing Killer Mike feels like attending the service of an excitable preacher.  But if church were more like his shows I might actually go. 

After seeing Big Boi at Moogfest a couple years back on accident because Devo cancelled, I vowed to never miss him live again.  It was the single best hip hop performance I had ever witnessed, with a full band and back-up singers and a dance troupe and he played every Outkast and Big Boi song you'd ever possibly want to hear.  This appearance wasn't quite on that level, but it was really damn close.  He still had a live band but not as many members; he still had dancers, but only a couple; but he still played every Outkast and Big Boi song you'd ever want to hear, including plenty of songs from his most recent (fantastic) record "Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumours."  One addition this time was a giant gold throne in the middle of the stage for him to sit in occasionally because of his hurt leg, but he didn't use it nearly as much as I was expecting.  He also had his kids on stage the entire time, standing on either side of the throne, just bobbing their heads and shuffling their feet in time with the music.  What a trip it must be to be standing on stage with your father as he performs.  Anyways, it was a damn good time and hopefully I don't have to wait a few more years to see him again.  And while we're hoping, let's get Outkast back together for god's sake. 

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