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Slayer / Mastodon at the Warfield - 12/14/2004

with Mastodon
The Warfield

Heavy Metal!!!  I hadn’t been to a rock show of this caliber in…well, ever.  But I have been listening to Mastodon so much these last few months that I wasn’t about to miss them, so off to the event I went.  And I do mean it was an event – The Lizard Man, one of those freak show guys, was the host, the whole thing was sponsored by Jägermeister with tons of posters and promo items everywhere, and there was even a barely clad stripper on the stage at one point.  It was a family event, after all – I saw one family there, two parents and two kids, all with matching Sammy Hagar was pretty cute actually.  The family that rocks together something somethings together.  The whole thing had been sold out for ages, and the fans were pumped – most of them expressed this by having their shirts off and displaying their prison-style tattoos at any chance.  The number of females attending was extremely low, but these dudes were there to rock out, no…

Sigur Rós at the Warfield - 11/23/2002

Sigur Rós
The Warfield

I now see what all the hype is about for Sigur Rós.  I really love their albums, but this live show was even more magical than anything they could lay down in the studio.

Aside from the main members that compromise Sigur Rós, the band also came packing with a four piece string section plus a girl who played the glockenspiel.  I love the glockenspiel, there should be more of it in everyone’s music.  The sound was amazing; I haven’t been to many Warfield shows, but this was by far the best sounding one I had personally heard and possibly my best aural experience of the year.

Jon, the singer, was in rare form.  He added to the sound with his trademark guitar playing with a bow, and his voice was immaculate.  Such range, and the way he holds those notes is amazing.  I’ve often talked shit on the merits of the falsetto voice, but never again - he has truly made me a believer in the power and glory of the falsetto.

Other than the band, the live show also comprise…

The Postal Service / The Jealous Sound at Bottom of the Hill - 5/4/2003

The Postal Service
with The Jealous Sound
Bottom of the Hill

The Jealous Sound – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost seen them, but now it has finally happened.  The singer for the Jealous Sound, Blair, was in one of favorite bands from the mid-nineties called Knapsack. The Jealous Sound sounds just like Knapsack in my opinion, but that’s mostly due to Blair having such an unmistakable voice. Since I never got to see Knapsack, this was going to have to be the next best thing for me. The result: they were plenty enjoyable, and unsurprisingly sounded just like Knapsack live too.  My girlfriend thought all of their songs sounded the same, and I guess they probably do, but it’s a good same as far as I’m concerned.

The Postal Service record "Give Up" will no doubt be in my top ten list of favorite records of 2003 come December, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to those catchy songs and sung along. Given that the music is almost entirely electronic, the s…

Preston School of Industry / Panty Lions at Thee Parkside - 2/28/2003

Preston School of Industry
with Panty Lions
Thee Parkside

Another free show at Thee Parkside as a part of Noise Pop, only this time it was an early afternoon "before the real Noise Pop starts" show as opposed to a late night "after the regular Noise Pop shows are over" one.  I’ve said it many times before, I love a free show; and if it’s actually a good show, all the better.  Panty Lions were up first.  I’d never seen them before but they have one of my favorite names of all local bands.  From what I was told, there is usually girl who plays with the dude (sorry I’m bad with names), but she was out of town.  So instead Ian from Jim Yoshii Pile-Up "sat in" with the band.  No, really, he just sat there for the first few songs with his legs crossed and drank whiskey.  For some reason, I found this very funny and worth noting.  At some point he did play a little guitar though, which wasn’t turned up loud enough, but was nice all the same.  They played a…

Jay Farrar / Tim Easton at Great American Music Hall - 7/21/2003

Jay Farrar
with Tim Easton
Great American Music Hall

I got to the show just in time to catch the last few songs by Tim Easton. Think of a combination of non-cheesy white boy blues, M Ward, and Bob Dylan, and that’s the neighborhood that Easton’s sound is playing in. It is a good sound, and one that I enjoyed; his raspy voice paired with the bluesy guitar playing seemed to also be going over well with the crowd of Jay Farrar fans as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Easton didn’t make a few new fans at this show.

Jay Farrar – former co-leader of Uncle Tupelo, Front man for Son Volt, and now all on his own. Well not actually alone, as he had two guys accompanying him, but you get my drift. Both of these gentlemen played the steel guitar (one lap steel, the other pedal steel), sometimes consecutively, as well as helping out on regular guitar, bass, and occasional backing vocals. Anytime I see a pedal steel guitar being played on stage, I have a hard time not watching – all those…

The Intelligence at the Makeout Room - 6/24/2005

The Intelligence
The Makeout Room

Hot shit, the Makeout Room is going to (potentially) start having matinee shows on Friday evening!  Curmudgeonly old bastards like myself, rejoice! 

This was the first of what is hopefully a long running feature of the club, and it featured the Intelligence out of Seattle, Washington.  This band seems to get name-checked a lot because the drummer of the A-Frames plays guitar and sings for these guys, but after finally getting to witness them live I’d have to say that they are nearly as damn good as the A-Frames are (and I really, really like the A-Frames so that is saying something).  A little more straight forward rock ala Hot Snakes than the minimal punk of the A-Frames, but super good nonetheless.  And if that's not enough, I got home in time to screw around the house and still get in bed at a decent's like the show was custom-made for the crotchety like myself that’s just not feeling staying out late anymore.