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PHOTOS: Chuck Johnson / Libraness / Heather McEntire at the Pinhook - 9/29/2013

Chuck Johnson


Heather McEntire

Chuck Johnson / Libraness / Heather McEntire at the Pinhook - 9/29/2013

Chuck Johnson
with Libraness and Heather McEntire
The Pinhook

It can be tough to motivate and get out of the house for a rock show on a Sunday night, but when that show involves Libraness all of the sudden I get a burst of energy and a fire under my ass. 

First though was Heather McEntire, best known as the front woman of awesome local band Mount Moriah.  It was just Heather, her guitar and her amazing voice, performing a small set of songs she said she wrote in the week before the show while holed up sick at home.  The fact that she can knock out a grip of quality tracks while hopped up on cold crunchers is equal parts impressive and jealousy-inducing.  Hopefully some of these tunes make their way to future recordings because I liked them a lot.  Maybe Heather needs to get sick more often. 

What made Ash Bowie (best known as one the guitarists and vocalists of Polvo) decide to bring back his side-project solo moniker Libraness escapes me, but I'm damn glad he d…

PHOTOS: Schooner / D-Town Brass / See Gulls at the Pinhook - 9/24/2013


D-Town Brass

See Gulls

Schooner / D-Town Brass / See Gulls at the Pinhook - 9/24/2013

with D-Town Brass and See Gulls
The Pinhook

This was the record release party for Schooner's new record "Neighborhood Veins."  A record that has been in the works for so long there have been multiple "Chinese Democracy" jokes made to the band by me - my latest favorite is to refer to the new album as "Durhamese Schoonocracy."  And that, folks, is why I'm yet to be hired as a comedy writer. 

The first band of the night was See Gulls, who I knew nothing about.  They were a four piece of local ladies that included Maria Albani on drums (she can also be found in Organos, helping out with Schooner, and probably a dozen other projects).  If what they said on stage is to be believed, this was their first show.  Good or bad, there is something exciting about seeing a band's first show - luckily this was one of the good ones.  They showed lots of promise of good things to come.  My best description of their music would be jangly indie pop…

Big Boi / Killer Mike at Memorial Auditorium - 9/21/2013

Big Boi with Killer Mike Memorial Auditorium
Big Boi was supposed to be one of the headliners at this past Hopscotch Music Festival, but after hurting his leg he had to postpone his show.  It was a real bummer at the time, but in hindsight having another great show to go to a couple of weeks later only increased the entertainment value of Hopscotch.  As an added bonus, they gave away a lot of the tickets for free for this show, to make up for him missing the festival.  I would have gladly paid a king's ransom for the show, assuming a king's ransom is somewhere no more than fifty bucks or so. 

Opening the show was Killer Mike.  He played Hopscotch last year and wasn't even scheduled at this year's festival, so a free show out of him was extra super awesome icing on the already tasty cake.  He was one of my highlights that year and this was a very similar performance - just him and his man DJ Trackstar, lots of songs from his album "R.A.P. Mus…

PHOTOS: Hopscotch 2013 in downtown Raleigh - 9/5 to 9/7/2013 (Instagram edition)

For absolutely no good reason other than boredom on my part, here are some instagram photos of various acts I saw at this past Hopscotch.  

Thursday: Sylvan Esso
Xiu Xiu
The Rosebuds
The Oblivians

Friday: Pontiak
The Beets
Alpoko Don
Big Daddy Kane
Mikal Cronin

Saturday: The Breeders