Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Metz at Schoolkids Records - 4/20/2013

Schoolkids Records

Record Store Day - the day I spend way too much money on, well, records.  But at least this year I also got a free Metz show out of it, as they played an in-store at Schoolkids.  I hadn't listened to their record a ton, but it certainly intrigued me enough to get out of the house for a free show.  A smart move on my part - live they were blisteringly amazing.  I've never encountered another band that reminded me this much of Hot Snakes outside of, well, Hot Snakes.  I didn't get that vibe from the record, but it was hard to think of anything else in person.  Schoolkids was packed - not sure how much was because of the band and how much was because of Record Store Day, but it was a good thing either way.  They were so good I wanted to drive out to the 506 in Chapel Hill and see them again later that night, but I had other plans to see the Durham Bulls with the wife.  Great band though - I'll definitely be seeing them next time they roll through town. 

(Didn't take my camera so you get an extra shitty phone photo and you'll like it!)

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