Built Like Alaska / The Red Thread at Thee Parkside - 12/15/2002

Built Like Alaska
with The Red Thread
Thee Parkside

A great night of music at Thee Parkside, amid San Francisco’s version of a hurricane.  The wind was blowing like crazy outside, with occasional bursts of rain and a lot of dreariness.  Luckily, the music was so good that it made you forget about any of that nonsense. 

The Red Thread started things out.  I’ve seen these guys a few times now, and I like them more and more each time I see them.  They seem to write the sort of subtle songs that don’t hit you at first, but after a few listens ingrain themselves into your head.  I’ve always thought this is the mark of a well written song, as it holds my attention for a much longer time than most pop songs.  There are plenty of pop songs tat grab you instantly but fizzle just as quickly as they came.  Anyways, The Red Thread were quite good, they played a lot of songs I recognized from seeing them before as well as from the mp3s on their website.  They also played a cover song that I think was Bad Brains, but I’m not positive.

After the Thread came Built Like Alaska.  Man, they have a lot of equipment, and it takes them a while to set it all up.  But their music is so good that it’s hard to begrudge them for it, cause I know I’ll enjoy the end result.  It boggles my mind that they aren’t more popular, their music is so catchy and accessible, a genius blend of Sparklehorse and Grandaddy with a little Death Cab for Cutie thrown in (mostly in the voice).  They played a lot of songs I knew from their new EP as well as their most recent full length "Hopalong."  I’ve been listening to those releases a ton lately, and still haven’t gotten tired of them.  Everyone and anyone who reads this, you should make every effort to check them out.