Belle & Sebastian / Vetiver at the Warfield - 4/30/2004

Belle & Sebastian
with Vetiver
The Warfield

I was excited for Vetiver when I found out they had landed the opening gig for heavyweights Belle & Sebastian – great local band done well or something along those lines.  The music of these two bands certainly have a similar feel to them on a base level – very mellow, introspective, that sort of business.  I could really imagine them going over well with the B&S crowd, but they seemed to be having nothing of it – a shame really, cause Vetiver sounded great to me, as always.  They were aided on stage by a fourth member known as “Soft Creamy Brick”, who I’m going to assume was Devendra Banhart (but I can’t be for sure since he was wearing a hooded cape/throw rug thing the entire time he was on stage).  

I’ve seen Belle & Sebastian a few times now, so I pretty much knew what to expect – lots of people in the band, string section, Stuart’s dancing, funny banter between songs; and it delivered on all of those measures.  I don’t have any complaints about the show as a whole, other than that I would have liked to hear more of the older material – typical complaint from a long time fan, I know.  They did play “Keep Me Away from Here, I’m Dying”, my very favorite song of theirs (as the final song of the encore), so I at least had that going for me.  Especially enjoyable was their cover of the Velvet Underground’s “I’ll be your Mirror”, completely off the cuff.  

As a side note, someone in the crowd suggested that the band cover Morrissey - Stuart’s response was “I’d like to cover Morrissey – cover him with a blanket!” which brought plenty of laughter from the crowd.  Now, I might love Morrissey like he was one of my relatives, but that was funny.

(Photo not mine, found randomly online.)