Acid King at 12 Galaxies - 11/5/2004

Acid King
12 Galaxies

Stoner rock!  Yeah, I know, it’s a stupid name for a genre, but if you saw the bulk of the crowd that attends these shows it would make plenty of sense.  The music kicks ass regardless of what it’s called, especially if you have a love for things Black Sabbath-y. 

Acid King is a San Francisco institution, having been around forever (or since the early nineties, which practically is forever for a band to be together).  I’ve heard their name mentioned for a while now, but since I’m not terribly knowledgeable of this scene it took me a while to get around to finally seeing them.  And despite the fact that they made me sleepy (something about that deep bass rumble always tries to lull me into a slumber), they put on a very good show.  They sounded like the bastard step-child of Sabbath and Hawkwind, but without Lemmy’s mole.  Sonically it was great, managing to be clear yet distorted at the same time just as is necessary for this brand rock.  In fact, every show I’ve seen at 12 Galaxies has had great sound, so kudos to the sound guy (or gal or whomever) on that.  Good times all around…I need to make a better effort to make it to more shows like this in the future.  

(Photo not mine, found randomly online.)