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Tig Notaro / Kyle Dunnigan at the Carolina Theatre - 5/4/2013

Tig Notaro
with Kyle Dunnigan
The Carolina Theatre

I've seen Tig Notaro a few times, and it was only a year or two ago that she was performing at Kings.  Then she gets sick, her mom dies, she's diagnosed with breast cancer, and Louis CK puts his weight behind her and now she's playing the Carolina Theatre.  That's a pretty dumbed-down version of her timeline on my part, but it covers the biggest touchstones, and dumb comes easy to me.  Any anyways, the end result was another hilarious set from Tig just in a larger venue.  More than any other time I've seen her, she really did a lot of crowd work - I'd guess at least 50% of her set involved interacting with the audience.  This might prove dicey for a lot of comedians but like Todd Barry, Tig is a master at interacting with people in a humorous fashion.  At one point she tried to do her noisy stool bit on the stage, only the stool wouldn't make any noise...she then tried a wide assortment of chairs, none…

The Men / Organs at the Pinhook - 5/1/2013

The Men
with Organs
The Pinhook

The Men have made quite a change in their sound since I last saw them at Hopscotch a couple years back.  Their recorded output was heavy then, but in a live setting they were bordering on a hardcore band.  But in the past two years they've released a couple of records that shifted in a very different direction, and I was curious how their live shows had also shifted.  It turns out that much like their records, they've become some sort of mid-nineties indie rock band with a tinge of Americana.  I loved the old version of the group, but their "new" songs are great as well, and the live performance is just as furious as ever - just not as musically aggressive.  The band is playing as a five piece now, with a keyboardist doing some serious heavy lifting on most of their songs.  Most of their set was from their past two records "Open Your Heart" and "New Moon," and they ended the set with an epic kraut rock jam that…