Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jonathan Richman at the Cat's Cradle - 2/16/2013

Jonathan Richman
Cat's Cradle

The wife doesn't get the appeal of Jonathan Richman, but the man's music is like crack to me.  It makes me extremely happy that he continues to tour so much, because it gives me the chance to see him perform every year or two.  I got there a little early after stuffing myself silly at Carrburitos, and was worried the might be sparsely attended - there had been some winter weather that day, and even a hint of slick roads freaks folks out around here.  But by the time Jonathan took the stage, the place filled out nicely - not packed, but well attended especially for a venue the size of the Cradle.  Things started out rough - the man runs his own PA on the stage, and he just could not get satisfied with the settings.  After a few minutes he got settled though and lit into a nice set of his more recent songs.  Sure, I'd love to hear A LOT more of his older material, but like usual all we got was his classic "I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar," a damn fine song that always gets the crowd pumped up...or at least as pumped up as anyone gets at a Jonathan Richman show.  Other highlights included "Because Her Beauty Is Raw and Wild," "Old World," an epically long version of "No One Was Like Vermeer," "Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow," plus a few of his foreign language songs whose titles I never remember.   Lots of dancing from Jonathan, some sleigh bell shaking, and no shortage of mellow Tommy Larkin drum solos.  All in all, a great time as usual. 

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