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Metz at Schoolkids Records - 4/20/2013

Schoolkids Records

Record Store Day - the day I spend way too much money on, well, records.  But at least this year I also got a free Metz show out of it, as they played an in-store at Schoolkids.  I hadn't listened to their record a ton, but it certainly intrigued me enough to get out of the house for a free show.  A smart move on my part - live they were blisteringly amazing.  I've never encountered another band that reminded me this much of Hot Snakes outside of, well, Hot Snakes.  I didn't get that vibe from the record, but it was hard to think of anything else in person.  Schoolkids was packed - not sure how much was because of the band and how much was because of Record Store Day, but it was a good thing either way.  They were so good I wanted to drive out to the 506 in Chapel Hill and see them again later that night, but I had other plans to see the Durham Bulls with the wife.  Great band though - I'll definitely be seeing them next time they roll th…

PHOTOS: Redd Kross / Pipe at Kings - 4/4/2013

Redd Kross


Redd Kross / Pipe at Kings - 4/4/2013

Redd Kross
with Pipe

Redd Kross came to town and babysitters across the area rejoiced.  I'm usually the creepy old man at shows, but even as I near forty I felt like a young gun at this gig.  I'm not sure there were any kids there at all, which is their loss - because Redd Kross put on a power pop clinic, delivering an arena-worthy effort on the intimate stage of Kings.  I don't know shit for song titles with this band, but they mixed their newest (and really great) record "Researching the Blues" with older material from their thirty year career.  The McDonald brothers seem to have the energy and passion of musicians half their age, and twice the talent.  So many hooks, so many goddamn catchy hooks all night long. 

Pipe opened the gig, and while it could be argued their old man indie punk was a weird pairing with the power pop sheen of Redd Kross, it delighted me to no end.  I don't even know how I would begin to count how many times I've seen …

Todd Barry at Kings - 4/3/2013

Todd Barry Kings
I saw Todd Barry again.  It was at Kings again.  I laughed my ass off again.
This gig was part of his final crowd work tour.  What does that mean?  Todd came out on stage without a set of prepared jokes, and instead talked to the audience and riffed off of whatever direction they would send him in.  There probably aren't a lot of comics who can do this as successfully as Barry, he's just so quick with the banter, and couple that with his general personality that would have me laughing if he was reading the phonebook, and you've got a successful show. 
There's really not much to say though, other than I laughed so much my face hurt.  He managed to make a bunch of RTP tech nerds sound interesting.  A former NC State soccer coach was there and talked to Todd - he was a much better sport about it than I would have expected, but then again this isn't a regular comedy show at a comedy club and I'm guessing he knew Todd and what h…