Monday, February 4, 2013

Marc Maron at Goodnights - 1/11/2013

Marc Maron

Two comedy shows in one week!  It's like I've died and gone to laff heaven.  We're doing good to get two good comedy shows in a year around here, and 2013 has provided two good ones in the first mind is dizzy just thinking about it.  This time out we saw Marc Maron, and in the proper comedy club of Goodnights.  And let it be said that Goodnights is perfectly fine, but I much prefer seeing comedians in rock clubs/non-traditional locations. 

Regardless of venue, Maron was great.  Unlike Hannibal Burress earlier in the week, Maron doesn't so much tell jokes as relay humor-inflected stories from his own life.  Now how much is true and how much is embellished for the sake of humor I have no idea, but it definitely feels more storyteller than stand-up.  My face and sides may not have hurt like they often do after a comedy show, but I enjoyed it just as much.

(Photo ganked from the onlines - Marc did not perform with a cat.)

Hannibal Buress at the Lincoln Theatre - 1/9/2013

Hannibal Buress
Lincoln Theatre

Wherein I attempt to review a comedy show, even though I'm bad at not only reviews but especially at reviewing comedy.  The review: Hannibal Buress was really funny.  I laughed a lot. 

The thing is, live comedy is not the sort of thing I'm going to go into without already loving the comedian.  So barring disaster, I'm always going to love whoever I go see perform.  With Hannibal, I've listened to his live comedy albums a number of times (especially "My Name Is Hannibal" from 2010), and seeing him live very much measured up to those recordings.  The first two-thirds of the show was a typical stand-up, he tells jokes and we laugh so much it makes your mouth hurt.  The one different part of this gig is Hannibal had a DJ with him, which seemed dd and awkward him just hanging out back there for the first part of the set.  But for that last piece, the DJ played an integral part, playing snippets of hip hop songs while Hannibal made fun of the lyrics.  That might sound a little cheeseball but it worked really well, and might have been the funniest part of the night. 

My review continued: Hannibal Buress A+++ comedian, would laugh again.

Whatever Brains at Slims - 12/1/2012

Whatever Brains

So there isn't really any reason for me to write another poorly worded Whatever Brains review, so I'm going to keep this brief:  they were awesome as always.  Slims was packed, and the band was bleeding into the crowd off of the tiny stage.  It was another two keyboardists performance giving a heavy carnival punk vibe, I have no idea if this is a permanent arrangement and I doubt the band does either.  The highlight of the night was the final song, when they undertook a very Whatever Brains-ish cover of the Turtles' "Happy Together" that they never let end - just when you thought the song was dying down they would restart it again.  They must have played it three or four times in a row, getting sloppier and more ridiculous with every pass.  It was glorious, and a perfect example of why I love this band.