Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Future Islands at the Lincoln Theatre - 11/2/2012

Future Islands
Lincoln Theatre

It feels like only yesterday I was seeing Future Islands in a half-full Berkeley Cafe, and now they are selling out the Lincoln Theatre.  OK, maybe it was closer to two years ago, but that is still some impressive growth in a fanbase.  Of course that sort of growth also means the asshole factor goes way up; that plus this evening's gig happening on a First Friday, and I'd guess no more than a few dozen people at this show WERE NOT douchebags. 

My fandom of Future Islands transcends even the worst of crowds, though I could only tolerate being at the front of the stage for a handful of songs (and only stayed there that long to take a few photos).  But Future Islands don't care, they just keep on being awesome on stage no matter how many frat boys are populating the audience.  It felt like they played pretty much every song from their last two records "In Evening Air" and "On the Water," including all the highlights that people get worked up over like "Tin Man" and "Vireo's Eye" and "Before the Bridge" and hell they even played "Little Dreamer" during the encore. 

I really miss the frequent small shows, the intimate viewings of Future Islands we used to get so often here in the Triangle.  But I'm happy the band is doing so well, shitty crowd be damned. 

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