Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Afghan Whigs at the Cat's Cradle - 10/21/2012

The Afghan Whigs
The Cat's Cradle

I guess it is possible to both love and hate a band's live show at the same time.  The Afghan Whigs came equipped with a crazy light show...unfortunately, it was one most likely optimized for a much larger venue than the Cat's Cradle.  They forgot that part of seeing live music is actually being able to see the band, as there were no lights directed at the front of the band - I couldn't see Greg Dulli's face for more than a couple of songs all night.  But what was even worse was that they had some crazy spotlights mounted to the top of the stage shining out in the crowd blinding many of us.  These lights might have worked on a much taller stage, but in this venue it was a goddamn mess. 

So I was irritated at the start of the show as conditions were less than optimal and, at least by my purchase history, this was a damn expensive ticket.  But even if I couldn't see Dulli & company, they sounded so so SO good...just really fantastic.  And the set list was beyond reproach - they opened with "Crime Scene" and just went nuts from there, hitting pretty much every highlight I'd ever want to hear in their two hour set..."What Jail Is Like," "I'm Her Slave," "Gentleman," "My Enemy," "Debonair," "Somethin' Hot"...basically, every song they performed was a hit.  As far as the night's cover songs go, they played a verse of the Emotions' "Best of My Love" before leading into one of their own tracks, and I was told they played a Weeknd cover but I don't know shit about that band so I had to take my friend's word...I just knew it wasn't a Whigs song (unless it was something new they had written). 

Despite the price and dumb lights I don't regret going to this show, as the Afghan Whigs will always be one of my very favorite bands.  Just hopefully if they ever come back they either play a larger venue or alter that goddamn light show. 

(old-ass photo of the band scavenged online)

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