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Whatever Brains at Slims - 12/1/2012

Whatever Brains

So there isn't really any reason for me to write another poorly worded Whatever Brains review, so I'm going to keep this brief:  they were awesome as always.  Slims was packed, and the band was bleeding into the crowd off of the tiny stage.  It was another two keyboardists performance giving a heavy carnival punk vibe, I have no idea if this is a permanent arrangement and I doubt the band does either.  The highlight of the night was the final song, when they undertook a very Whatever Brains-ish cover of the Turtles' "Happy Together" that they never let end - just when you thought the song was dying down they would restart it again.  They must have played it three or four times in a row, getting sloppier and more ridiculous with every pass.  It was glorious, and a perfect example of why I love this band.