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PHOTOS: Last Year's Men / Wood Ear at the Pinhook - 8/25/2012

Last Year's Men

Wood Ear

Last Year's Men / Wood Ear at the Pinhook - 8/25/2012

Last Year's Men
with Wood Ear
The Pinhook

This was a fifth anniversary party for local label Church Key...I'm down for any folks doing good work and getting the music to the masses, especially all the great local music we have around here.

Wood Ear opened the gig.  My dude John had kind words to say about this band, so I made sure I got to the Pinhook early enough to see their set.  They had a rootsy Americana sorta vibe going on, not so much alt-country as heartland rock.  I think that means more Springsteen than Uncle Tupelo.  There were also a couple of songs that made me think of latter-era Replacements (think "Don't Tell a Soul" and "All Shook Down"), but I've been listening to those albums quite a bit lately so that might be a little projection on my part.  For not knowing any of the songs, I quite enjoyed their set - the music is strong and catchy and keeps you engaged on first listen.  Apparently Wood Ear has been around for years, bu…

Neil Hamburger / Todd Barry / Brendon Walsh at Kings - 8/17/2012

Neil Hamburger
with Todd Barry & Brendon Walsh

I'm not sure how the hell to even review a comedy show, it was either funny or it wasn't.  This was really funny. 

This show was a total package, no local help needed.  Brendon Walsh opened the show.  I'd seen him on Comedy Central and he is a frequent guest on the hilarious podcast Doug Loves Movies.  He was just as hilarious on this night as he had been in those previous settings, maybe even the funniest of the night.  He's dirty and a little absurd and does a lot of material on masturbation aides.  You can watch a clip of him talking about fleshlights here

The middle set was by Todd Barry.  I'd seen him right here at Kings about a year ago, and he must have thought it a good club and turnout as he came back.  Hopefully he helps word get around to the other good comedians because this area is sorely lacking in the funny.  Barry was great as always, wry and confident and the king of crowd work.  H…