Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spiritualized at the Cat's Cradle - 5/12/2012

Cat's Cradle

The only possible word to describe finally getting to see Spiritualized live would be "epic."  It felt like someone accidentally booked an arena rock show in the Cradle, the music and performance felt so...big.  This version of Spiritualized was a seven-piece band including a couple of hot back-up singers and a guitarist that looked exactly like Noel Gallagher.  While there were plenty old bald and balding men there (aka my demographic), I was surprised at the number of young people at the show.  I'd be surprised if the pair of girls standing in from of me were even 18, but goddamn if they weren't amped for the gig from start to finish. 

The set list - I'm not great with song titles, but I do know they played for over two hours and covered the entire career of the band.  There were a number of songs from the great new album "Sweet Heart, Sweet Light" including the album owner "Hey Jane" that was also the show opener.  There was also a number of songs from "Ladies and Gentlemen...We Are Floating in Space", including the title track and them closing the show with htat album's epic closer "Cop Shoot Cop."  I said going in if they played "Ladies and Gentlemen..." it would be worth the price of the ticket alone, and that statement proved to be true.  As an added bonus they also played the Spacemen 3 classic "Walking with Jesus" which got a good roar from the crowd, a crowd where at least half in attendance were younger than that song. 

Some friends drove to NYC a couple of years ago to see Spiritualized perform "Ladies and Gentlemen..." in it's entirety, a move I found a little indulgent at the time.  After finally seeing them live, though, I'm left with regret that I didn't go myself.  It would have certainly been worth it. 

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