Monday, May 7, 2012

Lambchop / Crooked Fingers at Motorco - 4/14/2012

with Crooked Fingers

As I noted to someone, I've seen Crooked Fingers three times in the last six months...and I'm perfectly fine with that.  This time out it was a stripped down version of the band, just Eric Bachmann on the acoustic guitar and his girlfriend/bandmate Liz Durrett playing some sparse electric guitar and singing backing vocals.  I think I might prefer this version of Crooked Fingers to the full band, but I'm more than happy to watch and listen to whatever iteration of the group comes through town.  The set list felt very similar to the last couple of shows I've seen - lots of songs from the newest album "Breaks in the Armor" plus a few older tracks like "Call to Love," "New Drink for the Old Drunk," and "Carrboro Woman" off the top of my head.  It was all quite fantastic, and I hope he comes back and plays again within the next couple of months so I can keep my current streak alive. 

You never really know what you're going to get out of a Lambchop show, but it's always fantastic.  This time out they were in mellow mode, performing as a five-piece; the band had set up like a horseshoe on the stage, leaving a big empty area right in the middle like they were going to have some cloggers come out and dance for everyone.  They didn't, for the record.  You know a band is playing a laid-back set when the drummer plays the entire show with his wallet sitting on the snare drum.  The bulk of their set was made up of songs from their most recent (and quite fantastic) record "Mr. M", though they did manage to get to one of my very favorite songs "Soaky in the Pooper" towards the end of the night.  They even played a cover of the Beach Boys-penned Glen Campbell song "Guess I'm Dumb" during the encore, a great track that I hadn't heard in quite some time.  And of course Lambchop gave it their own wry treatment, delightful as always. 

It wasn't all shits and giggles though...early in the set this loud audible buzz started...well, buzzing, and it nearly drove me insane.  On top of that, while most of the crowd was quiet and respectful, there was a chunk of dumbshits back at the bar trying their best to ruin the show.  I know bitching about a talkative crowd is tired, but this was a very quiet performance - I could hear the switches on the guitars being flipped for example - so in this case the talking was extra annoying.  The band was clearly bothered by it, but they're professionals and powered through.  And most of the crowd, the ones there to see a great live band and not converse about nonsense, were glad for it. 

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