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Race for the Cure Benefit - Photos - 3/23/2012

Whatever Brains - Tir Na Nog

Birds of Avalon - Pour House

Love Language - Pour House

Dana Buoy - Tir Na Nog

Race for the Cure Benefit at Tir Na Nog & The Pour House 3/23/2012

Race for the Cure Benefit
with Whatever Brains, Birds of Avalon, Love Language, and Dana Buoy
Tir Na Nog & The Pour House

It's nights like these that really make you grateful for the fantastic local scene we have around here.  Local bands of varying levels of popularity gathered together at four different Raleigh venues to raise money for the care and treatment of a little boy with cancer.  The whole shebang sold out easily, and they managed to raise over 45K for the kid, which is just fantastic.  As an added bonus, much awesome music was seen and heard. 

I got a late start on the night after getting sucked into watching basketball at home, but I finally left my couch and started the evening with Whatever Brains at Tir Na Nog.  I feel like I've probably seen them play at least once a month for the last six months, maybe ten times in the last year, and I love them more and more with each viewing.  They've become my own personal house band for the talk show in…

Corrosion of Conformity / Torche at the Lincoln Theatre 3/3/2012

Corrosion of Conformity
with Torche
Lincoln Theatre

I almost never go to the Lincoln Theatre (not sure I've been there at any time other than Hopscotch), and I learned a valuable lesson from this show - they start their shit on time.  Yeah, there was four bands playing, but I didn't actually expect it to start at 8 or so.  I got there a little after 10 and Torche, the third band, was already playing!  So much for finally getting to see Valient Thorr

I'm not as well versed in the metal world so my reviews of these bands will be even shittier than usual.  Florida's Torche were the main reason I was at the show, no offense to our local gods of rock.  It seem like every time they play locally I've had some other shit going on or I was out of town.  Now I finally get to see them, and I miss part of their set cause the Lincoln has to be all timely like they're running a train station.  I was keyed in to the group via their "Meanderthal" album from …

Lonnie Walker / Airstrip / The Charming Youngsters at Tir Na Nog - 2/17/2012

Lonnie Walker
with Airstrip & The Charming Youngsters
Tir Na Nog

I had been looking forward to seeing Airstrip for a little while now.  See, there used to be this awesome two-piece called Veelee, made up of a boy and a girl who were romantically involved.  And then that relationship dissolved, and along with it the band they had together.  Now this seems awful selfish to me, not to stay together so their awesome band would stay intact and I could go see them play live, but it is what it is and Veelee is no more.  And now we have Airstrip via the boy half of of Veelee (and some other folks, one of which I'm pretty sure is in Gross Ghost). 

So how did it sound?  Being a band and all, that's kinda important.  The simple answer: like a rockin' Veelee.  Because of the vocals and how much I listened to their last (and only) record, it's going to be impossible for me not to think that.  But there is definitely a harder edge to the sound - I was hearing bits of Po…