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Lilac Shadows / Airstrip at Kings - 3/31/2012

Lilac Shadows
with Airstrip

I've often described the one of the hot new bands on the block, TOW3RS, as our local version of Of Montreal.  If that's the case, then their sister group Lilac Shadows is our local version of Apples in Stereo.  This evening's gig was all about the release of their cassette EP on the local Diggup Tapes label...though I was secretly hoping it was actually going to be a cassingle, complete with cardboard sleeve.  Hell, if shitty cassettes can make a comeback, it's only a matter of time until someone starts making cassingles again.  I'm just glad I still have a tape deck in my car.  Sure, the cassettes come with mp3 download codes too, but I'm old and a sucker for the physical object of music. 

All that jibber jabber aside, Lilac Shadows have popped onto the scene quickly, and based on the turnout at Kings, have made quite a splash.  The place wasn't packed, but it was comfortably full.  They had a dude running a proje…

PHOTOS: Race for the Cure Benefit at Tir Na Nog & The Pour House - 3/23/2012

Whatever Brains - Tir Na Nog

Birds of Avalon - Pour House

Love Language - Pour House

Dana Buoy - Tir Na Nog

Race for the Cure Benefit at Tir Na Nog & The Pour House - 3/23/2012

Race for the Cure Benefit
with Whatever Brains, Birds of Avalon, Love Language, and Dana Buoy
Tir Na Nog & The Pour House

It's nights like these that really make you grateful for the fantastic local scene we have around here.  Local bands of varying levels of popularity gathered together at four different Raleigh venues to raise money for the care and treatment of a little boy with cancer.  The whole shebang sold out easily, and they managed to raise over 45K for the kid, which is just fantastic.  As an added bonus, much awesome music was seen and heard. 

I got a late start on the night after getting sucked into watching basketball at home, but I finally left my couch and started the evening with Whatever Brains at Tir Na Nog.  I feel like I've probably seen them play at least once a month for the last six months, maybe ten times in the last year, and I love them more and more with each viewing.  They've become my own personal house band for the talk show in…

The War on Drugs at Lincoln Theatre - 3/9/2012

The War on Drugs
Lincoln Theatre

Last time The War on Drugs were in town they played to a full (but not packed) house at Kings, so it was a bit surprising that their next gig would be at the much larger Lincoln Theatre - I didn't think they could fill it, honestly.  The end result though was again a full (but not packed) house, so maybe they just have the magic touch of filling any venue up to the level of pleasant capacity. 

I don't have any great, enlightened things to say about this show, except that it was damn good like last time they were in town.  They played most of their newest record "Slave Ambient" and plenty of older songs as well, and it all sounded gangbusters.  Specifically they played "Baby Missles", the only song name I can ever remember from that new album, and my favorite song the band has produced so far.  At one point John Massengill, member of new upstart band Old Quarter, joined the band for a song, a surprise birthday gift f…

Royal Baths / Paint Fumes at Kings - 3/8/2012

Royal Baths
with Paint Fumes

Left the house on a whim for this gig, based mostly on the little bit of buzz Royal Baths have gotten.  Though based on the turnout maybe I'm getting faulty intel on what is hot.  Short story on the band - from SF, living in NYC now, and features former members of Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall.  Based on their pedigree I was expecting a fairly straight-forward garage pop affair, but their music was more dark, almost goth-like than anything.  Made me think of the other band that fits this description, Sex Church, that I've heard folks talk about.  There were also a couple of Jesus & Mary Chain-type songs, and a track here and there that reminded me of early Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd.  So a little dark, a little weird, and not at all like their old bands.  I'll be honest, I didn't love it, nor did I hate it - it was just a show that happened, I saw it, and I went home.  It happens.  Live shows can't always be the greates…

Corrosion of Conformity / Torche at the Lincoln Theatre - 3/3/2012

Corrosion of Conformity
with Torche
Lincoln Theatre

I almost never go to the Lincoln Theatre (not sure I've been there at any time other than Hopscotch), and I learned a valuable lesson from this show - they start their shit on time.  Yeah, there was four bands playing, but I didn't actually expect it to start at 8 or so.  I got there a little after 10 and Torche, the third band, was already playing!  So much for finally getting to see Valient Thorr

I'm not as well versed in the metal world so my reviews of these bands will be even shittier than usual.  Florida's Torche were the main reason I was at the show, no offense to our local gods of rock.  It seem like every time they play locally I've had some other shit going on or I was out of town.  Now I finally get to see them, and I miss part of their set cause the Lincoln has to be all timely like they're running a train station.  I was keyed in to the group via their "Meanderthal" album from …