Monday, February 13, 2012

Crooked Fingers / Mount Moriah at Kings 1/6/2012

Crooked Fingers
with Mount Moriah

I've seen both of these bands many, many times.  And pretty much every time I get a chance to see them again, I'm there, in front, singing along, taking photos, and being an annoyance.  It's what I do. 

I walked into Kings just as Mount Moriah started.  The show was sold out and already pretty damn full, but I still sidled up the side and right into a front row spot.  As per usual, it was Jenks and Heather and a rotating cast of supporting players.  I might have seen the bassist play with them before but don't hold me to that, the myriad of musicians that have graced the stage with this outfit are starting to blur together.  They played a great set, typical of most of their shows - mostly selections from their most recent record and I think one of the tracks from their "The Letting Go" EP.  I've seen them perform these same songs many times now, but it never gets would be completely impossible to ever get tired of hearing Heather sing.  As has been said many times, she could sing the phone book and I would still enjoy it. 

Much of what I said about Mount Moriah could also be said about Crooked Fingers - no matter how many times I've seen them or some variation of solo Eric Bachmann, I'm always eager to see them again the next time they come through town.  I had actually just seen Bachmann & company a couple of months prior at the Cat's Cradle, but as soon as I saw this Kings show go on sale, I bought a ticket.  They played a lot of their most recent record "Breaks in the Armor", peppered in with a few older gems like "Crowned in Chrome" and "New Drink for the Old Drunk".  The new record is really damn good by the way.  The encore was particularly good, with them performing "Your Control" standing at the front of the stage completely unplugged, with Bachmann's bandmate and girlfriend Liz Durrett tackling the Neko Case portion of the song.  And then he finished it off with a stellar take on one of the all-time best Archers of Loaf songs, "Chumming the Oceans".  I can't think of a better ender.

Hopefully both bands play again soon, I'm itching to see them live again. 

PC Worship / Whatever Brains at Slims 12/14/2011

PC Worship
with Whatever Brains

There were promises, promises of an early-ish show starting at nine and Whatever Brains going on first.  This meant I got my ass out of the house early, and what the hell, let's eat a tasty burger at Chuck's next door before the rocking begins.  Let it be known they make a damn tasty burger, even if it is a bit expensive. 

The show did actually start early, probably closer to 9:30 though...still early enough for my old man tastes.  Whatever Brains were luckily opening the show - I would have expected them to headline or play next to last, but, you know, fuck it.  The whole band piled on to the tiny stage and put out a blistering set of their weirdo art punk that I love so much.  I guess the really young keyboardist is moving away and this was his last show with them for the time being at least.  Probably going to cut down on the amount of underage ladies hitting on the band, but that might be a good thing.  Anyways, yadda yadda yadda, they rocked the fuck out, lots of songs from their last record, some random weirdness, a weird dude who video'd the whole show in a cell phone right in front of me, lots of assflap punks in attendance, and yet another successful viewing of one of the best local bands in existence. 

The next group up was PC Worship, from New York or Brooklyn or one of those tall building places.  I guess they played at this past Hopscotch but I missed it...let's be honest, I missed a lot of bands.  There's only one of me.  Their sound was a bit all over the map, but not in a bad way - my three word description would be "punk skronk doom", sounding like slow, sludgy Seattle rock ala Tar at times, the dark punk of Sex Church other times, the occasional Kraut-rock moment here and there, and a sax player that had clearly listened to a fair amount of Rahsaan Roland Kirk.  But all of this took a backseat to the fact that there was a dude in the band who played cassette tapes as an instrument.  He had this crazy homemade rig with four or five tape decks wired into a mixer, the whole thing looked like a high school science fair project.  It even had a little light show with an incandescent bulb and a colored spinning translucent disc that he flipped on a couple of times.  The dude had a grip of tapes, each one seeming to have different tones or notes on them, and he'd load them into the different tape decks, manipulating them through the broken out tape deck windows by pressing on them and tweaking the mixer.  Words aren't really doing it justice, but it was the damnedest thing I'd ever seen.  

There were a couple of other bands after that, but I had to go back home and work.  Boo work.  Boo jobs.  Yay rock-n-roll.