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Lonnie Walker / Airstrip / The Charming Youngsters at Tir Na Nog - 2/17/2012

Lonnie Walker
with Airstrip & The Charming Youngsters
Tir Na Nog

I had been looking forward to seeing Airstrip for a little while now.  See, there used to be this awesome two-piece called Veelee, made up of a boy and a girl who were romantically involved.  And then that relationship dissolved, and along with it the band they had together.  Now this seems awful selfish to me, not to stay together so their awesome band would stay intact and I could go see them play live, but it is what it is and Veelee is no more.  And now we have Airstrip via the boy half of of Veelee (and some other folks, one of which I'm pretty sure is in Gross Ghost). 

So how did it sound?  Being a band and all, that's kinda important.  The simple answer: like a rockin' Veelee.  Because of the vocals and how much I listened to their last (and only) record, it's going to be impossible for me not to think that.  But there is definitely a harder edge to the sound - I was hearing bits of Po…

Bleached / The Black Belles at the Pinhook - 2/9/2012

with The Black Belles
The Pinhook

Every time I go to Durham for a show, I tell my self I should go to Durham more often for a show.  In my brain it's a long drive, but it's actually closer than Chapel Hill/Carrboro.  Parking is easier, food trucks are everywhere, and usually the crowd is less irritating. 

I had been looking forward to this Bleached show for a little while.  Pretty much all I knew by them was their "Think of You" seven inch out on Art Fag, but that song is so damn catchy I was instantly sold on whatever shit they were shoveling.  the band is a four piece, with two blonde sisters fronting the band and a pair of dudes as the rhythm section.  You could probably argue that the songs all kinda sounded the same, but it was a good kind of same - catchy, cute fuzzed out power pop.  I gravitate to music of this ilk like moths to a flame, though it rarely kills me like flames are apt to do to moths.  Moths are stupid though.  I haven't read …