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Kumail Nanjiani at Local 506 - 12/23/2011

Kumail Nanjiani
Local 506

I love comedy shows.  And even better than comedy shows are comedy shows in rock clubs.  The tickets are usually much more affordable, no silly drink minimums and a very low-key atmosphere.  As long as the jokes are funny, a faux brick wall and cocktail waitresses aren't really a necessary part of me laughing. 

Sadly we don't get many good comedy shows around here, so I was stoked when I saw Kumail Nanjiani announced at the Local 506 just before Christmas.  I thought it odd that a Pakistani born, LA based comedian would be performing in a rock club in a college town over Christmas break just before the holiday, until he started talking about his wife who was raised in Winston-Salem.  I was a little worried attendance might be low, with all the kids back home, but the room was full and happy to be hearing the funny. 

I'm not entirely sure how to review a live comedy show, but the end result was Kumail is funny as shit - we laughed our …

Beirut at Cat's Cradle - 12/8/2011

Cat's Cradle

It's getting harder and harder to get myself to go to shows in Chapel laziness has grown to epic levels (this laziness also seemed to rear up right around the same time Kings re-opened and good shows started happening again in Raleigh).  Unless I've purchased a ticket I just can't get motivated to drive out there, and there are even times when that isn't enough.  I really REALLY wasn't feeling like driving out there this evening, but the ticket wasn't cheap and the newest Beirut album "The Rip Tide" is one of my very favorite releases of the year.  So like Willie Nelson, I was on the road again. 

The apprehension is always with the getting up and going, and never with the actually show.  The show was, predictably, fantastic.  I saw Beirut once many years ago, early in their career, and it was fine - but night and day with how polished they sound now.  There were times when the horn section sounded so good I w…

PC Worship / Whatever Brains at Slims - 12/14/2011

PC Worship
with Whatever Brains

There were promises, promises of an early-ish show starting at nine and Whatever Brains going on first.  This meant I got my ass out of the house early, and what the hell, let's eat a tasty burger at Chuck's next door before the rocking begins.  Let it be known they make a damn tasty burger, even if it is a bit expensive. 

The show did actually start early, probably closer to 9:30 though...still early enough for my old man tastes.  Whatever Brains were luckily opening the show - I would have expected them to headline or play next to last, but, you know, fuck it.  The whole band piled on to the tiny stage and put out a blistering set of their weirdo art punk that I love so much.  I guess the really young keyboardist is moving away and this was his last show with them for the time being at least.  Probably going to cut down on the amount of underage ladies hitting on the band, but that might be a good thing.  Anyways, yadda yadda …