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Ed Schrader's Music Beat / Fossil Eyes / Gross Ghost at Kings - 7/29/2011

Ed Schrader's Music Beat
with Fossil Eyes and Gross Ghost

this shindig was the official "after party" of the big Bon Iver & Rosebuds show happening down the street at the amphitheater. Now I'm not sure what an after party really is or what sort of elaborate bidding process is involved in becoming the official one, but it basically boiled down to a free show with some good bands and a bunch of random people hanging out hoping there might be an appearance by Bon Iver (there wasn't).

I specifically left the house on this hot-as-shit night to see Baltimore's own Ed Schrader's Music Beat. I saw this duo open for Future Islands a few months back, and they completely blew me away. Who knows how to describe them - protopunk noise rock maybe. Ed plays a floor tom and sings while Devlin plays bass and sings a little back-up. Their songs are simple and to-the-point and damn catchy, songs like "I Can't Stop Eating Sugar" and "R…

Moonface / Flow Child at Kings - 7/22/2011

with Flow Child

Because of all the Deja Mi fest nonsense that was going on this weekend, this show got pushed up in the night and ended up being one of the rare early gigs that I've grown to love so much. Go see some great live music and get home by 11? Yes please!

Flow Child opened the show. I had no idea who this was. Turns out it was a young, blond haired lad with a wispy mustache and a t-shirt at least three sizes too big for him. He was set up in the front of the stage with a heap of synths and keyboards and pedals and god knows what else all piled on top of one another. When he started out it was sort of an abstract/ambient/electro-noise thing, the sort of thing I tend to tune out on...not terrible, just not for me. But then the songs would eventually form into what most would recognize as a typical tune structure, and he would sing over them with a very Animal Collective-like vocal style. The end result was actually quite interesting and enjoyab…

Wye Oak / Free Energy / Active Child at the Lincoln Theatre - 7/23/2011

Deja Mi Fest
With Free Energy, Wye Oak, and Active Child
Lincoln Theatre (or rather out in front of it)

The Deja Mi app put on a free two day festival all around Raleigh, and this was the big headliner gig.  They set up a stage in front of the Lincoln Theatre, invited some food trucks and paid for some buzz-worthy out-of-town indie bands to come peddle their sounds to the masses.  they also apparently invited a thunderstorm which greatly delayed things, but nonetheless, free is free and my grumpy ass can only bitch so much. 

This thing was going on all day but between the rain delay and my general laziness I got there in time to see Philadelphia's Free Energy.  I love their song "Dream City" but didn't know much else about them.  Turns out that song was fairly representative - they have a big corporate pop sound, with Weezer/OK Go style songs that sound like they should be on top 40 radio, but still easily loved by the non-top 40 crowd too.  Yeah, some of …