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Fucked Up / JEFF the Brotherhood at Kings - 6/28/2011

Fucked Up
with JEFF the Brotherhood

Fucked Up singer Pink Eyes is a pretty fat dude. Not huge, not what I'd call obese, but he's definitely big. And goddammit, he fuckin' owns it. As a large lad myself, it does me proud seeing him flaunt and strut and put on a hell of a show with his shirt off and the crowd adoring him. "Hell of a show" doesn't even do it justice...he's like a caged panther, pacing and staring and then attacking the crowd with great ferocity. I don't typically get overly excited over Fucked Up's brand of melodic hardcore, but when you can pair it with a great stage show and extremely enthusiastic fans, well, the whole scene is a real joy for my eyes. I perched myself over to the side so I could enjoy the melee without being in the middle of it, and so I could take some mediocre photos without getting my costly camera covered in sweat and beer, but Kings is so small and intimate that you still feel like you are a …

The Reigning Sound at the Grey Eagle - 6/24/2011

The Reigning Sound
The Grey Eagle

Weird Asheville hippies. Not the sort of thing you expect to see at a Reigning Sound show, but when the gig is a benefit for some sort of feed-the-poor or save-the-orphans sort of endeavor (I forget exactly what the cause was), then all of the sudden the patchouli crowd is out in droves. Maybe not the best setting to see one of my favorite bands (and moreover to introduce some of my friends to their music), but fuck it, they put on a great show no matter how much weird spinny dancing was going on. They played a nice, long set, with highlights including "Stormy Weather", "Stop & Think It Over", "West Texas Sound", "Reptile Style", and "Drowning". There were some actual Reigning Sound fans there, piled up in front of the stage, but we were definitely outnumbered. Lesson learned: be careful going to benefit shows in Asheville, or you might become ensconced in hippies. Not that that would …

Bowerbirds / Mount Moriah at Motorco - 6/5/2011

with Mount Moriah

The Bowerbirds got the lucky break of being selected to open for the Arcade Fire up in Charlottesville, which resulted in us local folks getting a great Sunday night show in Durham at the Motorco.

Mount Moriah opened the gig, and to be honest, them getting added to the bill is what put it over the top that I'd drive to Durham on a Sunday night (Sunday night is by far my laziest point durning the entire week). It's gotten to the point that I make every effort to see every show this band plays. Their set consisted of all the typical songs they usually play, that being most of their album. as well as one new song which seemed to be called "Connecticut to Carolina" and really reminded me a lot of Jackson Browne. The band seemed a little "looser" than usual, subtly messing with the tempos and delivery of the lyrics. I have no idea if anyone else noticed this, but I've listened to their album so much and have seen …

The Rosebuds at the Brooklyn Arts Center & Kings - 6/10 & 6/11/2011

The Rosebuds
Brooklyn Arts Center and Kings
6/10/2011 and 6/11/2011

This weekend's pair of Rosebuds shows made me think of the crude adage "some women are for one night stands, and some women are for wifing up". Only in this case, I'm talking about music venues, not the ladies. For the first gig I drove down to Wilmington to see some friends and watch the band perform in the "new" venue the Brooklyn Arts Center. I put new in quotation marks, because while having bands play here might be a recent concept, the building itself is a church over a century old. It sat in a state of disrepair for decades, only to have a group renovate it and start booking shows there. And as you might imagine with a renovated old church, it looks great both inside and out, but that's kinda where the "great" stops. It was probably a combination of the cavernous ceilings and a sound man not up to snuff, but for the duration of the Rosebuds show the sound just wasn&#…

Dinosaur Jr / Mac McCaughan at the Cat's Cradle - 6/27/2011

Dinosaur Jr
With Mac McCaughan
Cat's Cradle

A somewhat early show at the Cradle where I want to see the opener only means one thing - Carrburritos before hand. And man did I stuff myself silly. So much so that in rolling my fat frame back towards the club I missed the first few songs by Mac McCaughan. I'm assuming it was just a few, but it's a total guess on my part. Let's just say I missed somewhere between one and one hundred songs by him. But what I did see was great...maybe a Portastatic song or two, a few Superchunk songs ("Driveway to Driveway" and "Digging for Something" and "Martinis on the Roof"), and there was even a Misfits cover - "Children in Heat". With their record store day release and the previous couple of Superchunk shows, it's obvious that Mac is completely absorbed with the Misfits lately. And who can blame him? It was kinda odd seeing him play these songs by himself, just his guitar and hig…