Superchunk / Veelee at the Cat's Cradle - 3/4/2011

with Veelee
Cat's Cradle

Fuck I've seen Superchunk play a lot of times. You might think it would get old after a certain point, but I'm excited to see them each and every time they announce another show. I've been listening to them for close to 20 years and seeing them play live for over 15, and yet I still get as excited as I did at 18 to see Mac bounce around, stare at Laura like a stalker, hear Jon play the fuck out of some drums and laugh at one of Jim's many smart ass comments.

So there I was, towards the front-center but just off to the right, ready to hear them play the songs I love for the gazillionth time. And they did. And I danced, at least so far as what I do would be called dancing. And I sang along with the crowd in that tone-deaf way that crowds do. It was a grand old time, just like every other time I've seen them. I know that statement sounds a little dismissive, that this band is still the same as they were decades ago, but I mean it as the highest compliment. It's what you want out of a Superchunk show. At some point I was looking around and realized how young the crowd was...I'd been listening to this band longer than a bunch of these folks had been alive. That's a bit of a mind fuck, and god knows it makes me feel old, but hopeful at the same time that the Chunk appear to still be resonating with the youth.

The set list for the night was great - most of the new record "Majesty Shredding" was played, and it's a great record so you'll get no complaints from me. But the rest of the songs were almost as if they put a worm in my brain and read my mind - "Detroit Has a Skyline", "Breadman", "The Question Is How Fast", "Driveway to Driveway" and "The First Part" were all a part of the main set. And then in the two encores they hit "Like a Fool", "Hyper Enough", "Punch Me Harder", "Precision Auto", "Cast Iron" and "Throwing Things". And maybe the most important song of the whole set - a cover of the Misfit's "Where Eagles Dare"! The crowd went nuts on that one. I went nuts on that one. I'm surprised I had a voice the next day.

Let me briefly mention Veelee, who opened the show. I've seen them a bunch of times now and always really enjoy their sets. Let's put all the band references in one long run-on sentence and get them out of the way - Stereolab Sonic Youth Moggs Young People. The crowd seemed to dig them, and they had a few friends there good naturedly heckling them between songs. I'm not sure if this was the biggest show they've ever done, but they handled it well, sounded great as always, and really set the stage nicely for the Superchunk set. I'd highly recommend picking up their record if you get a chance.