Polvo / Wild Wild Geese at Kings - 3/19/2011

Polvowith Wild Wild Geese

Ever since Kings re-opened in the late summer last year, I've been waiting on a Polvo show...their bassist Steve Popson is one of the club's owners, after all. Well glory be to the flying spaghetti monster or whatever your deity of choice is, the time is nigh.

But first, let us talk briefly about Wild Wild Geese. I'd never even heard of these kids, but it was pretty good music. The best comparison I could come up with is mid-era Sonic Youth crossed with a little early Pavement plus a healthy dose of the Chapel Hill indie jangle sound. They sounded like a band that could have opened for Polvo on this night or in 1995, they just had that timeless local sound that can be hard to define but you know it when you hear it. The singer wore sunglasses while he sang, which struck me as a bit odd. Then again I'd probably do that too, gives you a barrier to hide behind, makes performing up in front of the gawking masses a little easier to handle. The more I think about them in hindsight the more I'm looking forward to seeing Wild Wild Geese again.

It would be damn near impossible for me to write a negative Polvo review, or even a mediocre one. And I mean mediocre in terms of their performance, not the quality of writing. Mediocre writing is as good as it gets around these parts. So with that said...Polvo was really, really fucking awesome. Color yourself surprised - I know I was! Who would have thought one of my all-time favorite bands would put on a great show! It was a great set - some older songs, some songs from the most recent record, and a couple of brand new tracks, one of which had almost a disco-like beginning until it explodes in your face and ears and eye holes.

The highlight of the evening was them playing "Fast Canoe" one of my all-time favorite songs of theirs. They really rocked it out - so much so that the drummer broke his kick drum. And if them playing a great version of one of my favorite songs isn't enough, while they were switching out the drums Dave filled the time by playing a little bit of the Who's "Behind Blue Eyes", which then morphed into a made-up song about the super moon that was happening that night (apparently the moon was super close to the earth and people were calling a super moon, which seems kinda dumb because it wasn't even wearing a cape or anything - disappointing). Maybe along with the disco rock there will be a super moon song on their new album...assuming there is a new album. Please let there be a new album.

(Photo found online. I have a much nicer boat sitting behind my cinderblock building.)