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Moon Duo / Arbor Myst at Kings - 3/23/2011

Moon Duo
with Arbor Myst

Arbor Myst started their set with the phrase "We have tapes and bamboo flutes for sale", so automatically my interest was piqued. They were a tag team approach on atmospheric electronic music, sounding a little bit like a modern score for a Werner Herzog film about riding in a boat on the Amazon. Maybe a sequel to "Fitzcarraldo" or something. I'd like to imagine this sequel would involve a crazy Brazilian trying to bring the jungle to a European opera house. I would very much like to watch this movie, someone contact Herzog. Anyways, the music was enjoyable enough, not too exciting live but at least they had some sort of Kon-Tiki/South Pacific sailing film showing during the set so you had something to watch.

Honestly, I didn't know dick about Moon Duo, But I do love Wooden Shjips and Erik Johnson is in both bands so why not get out of the house and hear a little music? Unlike the Shjips, Moon Duo isn't a full r…

Polvo / Wild Wild Geese at Kings - 3/19/2011

Polvowith Wild Wild Geese

Ever since Kings re-opened in the late summer last year, I've been waiting on a Polvo show...their bassist Steve Popson is one of the club's owners, after all. Well glory be to the flying spaghetti monster or whatever your deity of choice is, the time is nigh.

But first, let us talk briefly about Wild Wild Geese. I'd never even heard of these kids, but it was pretty good music. The best comparison I could come up with is mid-era Sonic Youth crossed with a little early Pavement plus a healthy dose of the Chapel Hill indie jangle sound. They sounded like a band that could have opened for Polvo on this night or in 1995, they just had that timeless local sound that can be hard to define but you know it when you hear it. The singer wore sunglasses while he sang, which struck me as a bit odd. Then again I'd probably do that too, gives you a barrier to hide behind, makes performing up in front of the gawking masses a little easier t…

Superchunk / Veelee at the Cat's Cradle - 3/4/2011

with Veelee
Cat's Cradle

Fuck I've seen Superchunkplay a lot of times. You might think it would get old after a certain point, but I'm excited to see them each and every time they announce another show. I've been listening to them for close to 20 years and seeing them play live for over 15, and yet I still get as excited as I did at 18 to see Mac bounce around, stare at Laura like a stalker, hear Jon play the fuck out of some drums and laugh at one of Jim's many smart ass comments.

So there I was, towards the front-center but just off to the right, ready to hear them play the songs I love for the gazillionth time. And they did. And I danced, at least so far as what I do would be called dancing. And I sang along with the crowd in that tone-deaf way that crowds do. It was a grand old time, just like every other time I've seen them. I know that statement sounds a little dismissive, that this band is still the same as they were decades ago, bu…

Future Islands / Ed Schrader's Music Beat at Kings - 3/3/2011

Future Islands
with Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Around here, a Future Island's show is like a community college class - you get a new one every three months. And praise be to that we are so lucky. I was so excited for this show that I bought myself a ticket a month before the show, completely forgot about it, and then bought myself another ticket about a week before. But the gig was totally worth the price of two tickets.

Let us first address the openers Ed Schrader's Music Beat - before I had even rounded the corner, I heard someone say "Do you see what is happening on stage?". Obviously, this statement could be interpreted as a good or bad thing, but I'm here to report everything I saw was great, a real out-of-nowhere treat. It was just two fellas, one of them presumably named Ed Schrader; one played bass and the other sang while playing a single lonely floor tom with a light shining up from it. It had a real vintage no wave sound to it, not …